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How To Stop Your Room Being Damp If Your Landlord's A Dick

Is your landlord ignoring the big wet elephant in your room? Here's a little bit of stuff you can do to help

Is everything in your room a bit, moist? Are there tiny little pockets of mold forming in the bottom hand corners of your walls? Have you told your landlord and he's sort of kind of looked the other way? Yep. Sounds familiar right?

First things first; the only person who can sort your damp is your landlord. Fixing the problem requires structural work and isn't exactly something you can tackle with your IKEA hammer and a couple of rugs. The trouble is though, that plenty of landlords don't really want to deal with structural work - it's expensive and timely. In the short term it'll be more fool them for not fixing it - according to B&Q it can cause 'serious damage to the structure of your house' but in the short term, you've got to live there. And your duvet's wet.

Here's a few things you can do that will sort of kind of help...

Get a dehumidifier

If you're smart about it, get your landlord to get one. Explain that damp isn't a thing they want in their walls and at least by sucking the moisture out of the air, you're going some way to helping the problem from getting worse. Whacking it on for an hour or so before bed means the textiles in your room have a chance to dry.

Don't dry clothes in your room

In shared houses you don't really have a lot of options but, obviously, the more moisture in your room, the worse. Move your clothes horse out into the hallway and ignore your flatmates annoyed huffs when they have to mauevere themselves past it.

Open your window

I know, I know it's bloody cold and the last thing you want to do is sit there with a chill. But damp is caused by moisture not being able to escape the room so by opening the window for a little bit, you're at least getting a pattern of circulation going.

Keep your curtains open during the day

Not always easy to remember if you're getting up in the dark and coming home in the dark but make sure you do this; especially if it's sunny. Direct sunlight through the window could help dry out your room a little.

Remove any textiles from the outer wall

Because they'll go mouldy. Many a good dress was ruined by hanging against a damp wall. Don't let this be yours.

Remove window condensation

Again, more moisture in the room = bad. Get yourself a window cleaner squeedgee thing and leave the window in your room nice and dry before you head out for the day.

Take pictures of all of this and send to your landlord regulary.

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This article originally appeared on The Debrief.