These Cooling Fans Are Basically As Good As The Dyson – But For A Fraction Of The Price

As it turns out, you don't need to spend £350 for a great fan.

by Marina Avraam |
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Summer has officially entered the chat (the sweat particles on our forehead as we're typing would agree) and we're all collectively trying to prevent from suffocating. Apart from drinking countless iced lattes and removing yet another layer, we find ourselves furiously typing 'best cooling fans' into Google. One product, in particular, always seems to be at the top of the list. It is, of course, The Dyson Cool Tower Fan.

When it comes to fans, the Dyson might just take the cake for being the most effective out there. Quiet, cooling and pleasing to the eyes, the Dyson may be the unicorn of cooling fans but it does, however, come at a £349.99 eye-watering price tag. If you're not willing to make such a hefty investment, you'll be pleased to know that there are countless affordable tower fans that work just as well as the Dyson but won't break the bank.

What sets the Dyson Cool Tower Fan apart from the rest is the sleek, bladeless design which blends right in with your interiors. Forget bulky eye sores that ruin the vibe, what we're looking for in Dyson dupes are aesthetically pleasing, highly effective fans that will fit right in.

So, to help you remain cool all summer long, we've found the best Dyson fan alternatives to shop now.

SHOP: The Best Dyson Fan Dupes

Dyson fanargos
Price: £349.99


Willing to make the investment? You won't regret it. The Dyson Cool Tower Fan offers powerful

Editor's choice

pro breeze fan
Price: £89.99 (was £99.99)


As far as aesthetics go, the Pro Breeze Bladeless Tower Fan perfectly resembles the Dyson's

dreo nomad fan
Price: £79.99 (USD)


The Dreo Nomad is a best-seller - and for good reason. Garnering over 11,000 positive reviews,

dimplex fan
Price: £77 (was £110)


This tower fan boasts a stunning copper finish with 70-degree oscillation and three fan speeds,

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