Love Island: Casa Amor Bombshell Jazmine Nichol Reveals Explosive Unaired Argument

How much more are we not seeing?

jazmine casa amor

by Aaliyah Harry |

The aftermath of Love Island's Casa Amor this year has been extremely dramatic to say the least. We've had 'tit-gate', explosive fire pit moments, make ups and breakups - but apparently this isn't all that happened. It's now been revealed by a dumped Casa Amor bombshell that there were many unaired moments, storylines and even a fiery argument that we didn't get to see.

During an interview with Love Island reviewer and YouTuber Murad Merali, bombshell Jazmine Nichol revealed that she actually had a connection with Andrew Le Page from day one. She revealed, 'He initially pulled me for a chat on the first day and said, "I manifested you Jaz, my prayers have been answered - you're the girl of my dreams."' She continued, 'He even told me he couldn't wait to meet my family on the outside. From our first conversation we clicked instantly and we talked for about an hour - I thought I was going to come out with a boyfriend.'

Murad asked, 'So, why did he pick Coco [Lodge]?' She replied, 'Well, I pulled Andrew to the terrace and opened up and told him how I felt. I told him I wasn't interested in getting to know anyone else - just him.' Andrew also told her he would be staying outside on the daybeds out of respect for Tasha Ghouri (which as we all know didn't end up happening.)

Jazmine revealed, 'Coco was the girl I spoke to about Andrew the most and I was closet to her in the villa. She would tell me how great we were together and then ten minutes later she went onto the terrace and kissed him! It was a shock as they had never really interacted before.'

So, this of course spiralled into a huge argument between Coco and Jazmine that was left unaired. Jazmine said, 'I shouted at Coco. I'm a girls' girl though and through, so if you've disrespected me after I've let you in - I will call it out. She could have at least given me a heads up.'

Jazmine also broke things off with Andrew after his terrace kiss with Coco was revealed. She said, 'I told Andrew I'm not going to be second best and cut it off.' She added, 'It hurt me even more because I opened up to Andrew about being cheated on in the past and how much that affected me - it just felt like a repeat of of trauma from previous relationships.' Jazmine said, 'I thought I was going to look like an idiot because I opened up to this guy who was supposedly the "nice boy" and he's done that and the world was going to see it.'

Jazmine was later surprised to hear she wasn't given much airtime despite being very much involved in the Casa Amor drama. 'I was very shocked that I wasn't shown much on the show obviously because I had the whole Coco confrontation, the Andrew situation and even before the recoupling Andrew said, "I still want to get to know you, I'm not closing you off."' After this shocking revelation, we wonder what else is not being aired?

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