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Love Island Twitter Is Better Than The Show At The Moment

You wouldn't be blamed for being a bit behind on Love Island at the moment. Excitement over the new series has waned in the last couple of days as the action hasn't quite lived up to what we all hoped it would be. At least, not yet.

There have been wonderful moments of reality TV gold, of course. Rosie's brave confrontation with Adam, the boys' very early moments of insecurity and Adam and Charlie's inspired attempt to distract Eyal with some funny smelling beads have all been highly entertaining, but after two weeks of watching the Love Island villa, it doesn't feel like very much is going on.

The real Love Island action is not in Majorca, my friends. Oh no. The real drama is right here in Blighty, and it's not limited to that surprisingly inconvenient 9pm ITV2 time slot. Because Love Island might be the best thing to have ever happened to British Twitter.

With a quick perusal of the Love Island hashtag you'll be greeted with a plethora of quick witted analysis (and by analysis, we me mockery) of this summer's most-watched TV show and the banter is flowing around the clock. Meme generation is clearly the highlight of the whole operation, with the output stretching from the relatable (most frequently provided by screenshots of everyone's favourite pen salesman, Jack) to the outrageous (there are some rather unflattering visual representations of Eyal floating around).

If ever there was a reason to re-engage with Twitter it's now. Whether you want off the cuff reactions to the live show or something to keep you going in between episodes, there's a meme to chuckle at along the way. Here we bring you some the funniest so far. If you want real Love Island entertainment, you know where to go.

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