Love Island’s Casa Amor Is Reminding Us Why Dating Men Is So Bleak

If you already have trust issues, it’s time to switch off.

Love Island boys

by Georgia Aspinall |

It’s been six days since I sat down and mused over whether Dami Hope is the best Love Island contestant this year. During said musing, I cautiously predicted his success on the show based on his fun-loving, empathy-having, soft-souled self – cautious only because we were yet to see how he fared in Casa Amor. I’ve been down this road before you see, I shan’t be fooled by yet another reincarnation of Michael Griffiths and his 2019 betrayal. But readers, I have been fooled again, because Dami has not fared well at all – nor have any of the Love Island lads… and it’s hell.

We should’ve seen it coming when the guys received their Casa Amor text – the screaming, jumping and running around the villa in celebration said it all. And yet, I was still surprised when Dami told the new girls he was ‘open to exploring new connections’, as did Jacques O’Neil just hours after staring pictures at Paige Thorne’s face till he fell asleep. It’s the dichotomy in behaviour that gets me most: all the loved-up lads went to bed professing their undying adoration for their partners… and yet all of them woke up wishing each other ‘Merry Christmas’ as six new girls arrived at the villa.

As the boys apparent openness to get to know anyone and everyone became clear, the memes rolled in. Once again, Casa Amor comes as a stark reminder that modern dating is absolutely bleak.

It was Luca Bish that surprised many too. Despite remaining loyal for approximately 45 minutes when first asked if he would crack on with any of the girls, all it took to rupture that will power was a leggy blonde telling him she fancied him. ‘We’ll be naughty together, not like that… well maybe like that,’ he winked. SORRY LUCA, at what point did Gemma drop your balls from her vice-like grip because every viewer to Timbuktu knows she would dump you on the spot for even smiling at another woman?!

Now, we must reserve some judgement as we can’t know what twists are coming – but judging by the laddish encouragement to get to know as many girls as possible, it’s clear heartbreak is in store. And Dami, the surprising leader of said laddish behaviour, is who we’re most heartbroken by ourselves. How could our villa fave go from the therapist everyone seeks advice from to the leader of said laddish encouragement, pushing Luca to explore new relationships after he adamantly said he wasn’t interested? It’s giving Jake Cornish vibes, and that might be the most ghastly Casa Amor comparison one can make.

Let us cross our fingers and pray to the Love Island gods (the producers) that Dami’s behaviour is down to some mild heatstroke or something, that he sees sense in how incredible Indiyah Polack is and as he falls, the other lads follow suit. Our hope in dating men rests on the shoulders of six Love Islanders now, so let’s do a prayer for ourselves too.

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