As Holly Willoughby Turns 40 Here Are 33 Of Holly And Phillip Schofield’s Funniest This Morning moments

Turns out Holly and Phil totally lose it... a LOT.

Holly and Phil's funniest moments

by Rhiannon Evans |

Holly Willoughby turns 40 today and as is only fitting for the Queen of daytime TV, This Morning was an incredible tribute to the presenter - which got us thinking about Holly and Phillip Schofield's best and funniest moments

After all, their funniest moments are what Holly and Phil are best known for - except of course, the thousands of 'Where is Holly Willoughby's dress from' searches that take place every day wondering where all of her outfits and shoes are from daily.

Holly and Phil manage to make the This Morning job look like so much fun. Since the pair began to co-present the show in 2009 they've consistently cheered up our mornings (yes even in 2020 and 2021), given us major fashion inspiration and of course, over the years we've laughed hysterically with them.

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We've seen them cry with laughter, cut quickly to a VT because of their giggling and we'll never forget when they presented the show still drunk from the NTA's… So in celebration of Holly's 40th birthday, we decided to round up Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield's funniest TV presenting moments EVER!

1. That time Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield lost it after interviewing the 18 hour orgasm couple

Holly and Phil never fail to fall into fits of giggles and this time was no different.

After the pair interviewed a couple who regularly have 18 hour long orgasms (yes, really) the pair started giggling when Holly pretended to take down notes of the couples website. They took things up a notch when they literally couldn't contain their laughter after Phil said: "Still to come..."

It's safe to say they literally couldn't finish their lines and the show had to cut to the ad break! Watch the video from 5:05.

2. The one where Holly's makes an innuendo about Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness

Now, Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness are usually funny but pair them with Holly and Phil and things get even funnier. The duo appeared on the show to promote The Keith and Paddy Picture Show but everyone was left in stitches of laughter when Holly let an innuendo slip.

Speaking to Keith, she told him: "This seed was actually sown in your bedroom when you wa-"

The TV presenting duo fell into a fit of laughter's with Paddy asking "What has happened to this show?"

Phil jokingly asked: "What are you doing?"

3. That time where Holly sat on Phil's hand

It's not just onscreen that the presenters get the giggles but off camera too. Holly and Phil were cracking up after they finished reading out what's happening on the show, they went on to reveal that during their VT Holly accidentally sat on Phil's hand – cue uncontrollable laughter.

4. The one where Holly's slightly loopy

We've noticed that Holly has an infectious laugh and this video of her going slightly loopy just proves it. From being unaware that they're going live on TV after the ad break to discovering that the cupboards in the This Morning studio are actually real; she has had some hilarious moments on the show.

5. The one where the ponies pooed live on This Morning

One of the funniest moments on This Morning was back in July 2017 when the pony pooed live on television and they couldn’t stop giggling.

6. The one where Holly fell to the floor in laughter

Back in June 2017 after drinking the world's strongest coffee Holly and Phil fell into fits of laughter, so much so that Holly literally dropped to the floor laughing. Phil later revealed it's so she doesn't wet herself on live television. Fair tbh.

7. The one where they had to say Gwyneth's tidy pantry

We will never forget the time Holly and Phil struggled like hell to say 'Gwyneth's tidy pantry'. They could barely get their words out and couldn't stop laughing while they were recording a promo on how organised Gwyneth Paltrow's pantry is. Nine takes later (we think) and they finally managed to record it.

8. The time they presented This Morning after the NTA's

When you think of Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield presenting one day in particular comes straight to our minds and that's when they turned up to the TV studio tipsy/hungover in their outfits from the National Television Awards.

After the NTA's the pair revealed they went back to Ant McPartlin's house to celebrate and played the game Pie Face. They managed to get through the whole ITV show without having any sleep as well – total pros.

9. The time they did shots on Loose Women!

If you've religiously watch This Morning, you'll know how fond Holly and Phil are of their favourite alcoholic drink – Tequila! While the duo appeared on Loose Women to discuss their television marriage they did shots on the ITV show and Phil didn't even wince when he downed his – legend.

10. The time Sandy Clams got stuck in their throat

This was a hilarious and unexpected moment on This Morning. After Phil coughed, Holly asked him if he had "sandy clam stuff in his throat," which of course led them into a giggling fit. What made it even funnier was the strange noise Holly made with her throat. The pair literally couldn’t stop laughing they even needed tissues to wipe their tears.

11. That time Holly Willoughby nearly cried her eyelashes off

While the This Morning presenters were asking viewers to contact them if they've ever sent the wrong text to the wrong person they started laughing about something inappropriate they couldn't say on air. Unfortunately for them it was then time to read from the auto-cue and poor Phil couldn't talk properly because he was giggling so much and that of course set Holly off. They were laughing so much Holly had to sit down and to make things even better she admitted she had almost cried her eyelashes off.

12. The one where Phillip Schofield told Katie Hopkins: "Isn't your child called India?"

Nothing was funnier than Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield's reaction to Katie Hopkins discussing children's name. During the episode Katie explained she believes you can tell a lot about a child from their moniker. She then revealed the type of names she doesn't like: "I don't like footballer's names, I don't like names after seasons of the year, I don't like geographical location names, celebrity names."

Phil then stepped in and pointed out that her daughter's name is India but she denied it being related to a location. Righttttt.

13. The one where they wore Chewbacca masks

Whether you're a fan of Star Wars or not everyone found it funny when Holly and Phil tried on Chewbacca masks. Most of all... Holly and Phil.

14. The one with "Cockermouth"

Remember the time the TV duo uncontrollably laughed after Holly revealed she was surprised she remembered the word Cockermouth? Phil then mocked her for being able to remember the word too easily. These two and their innuendos...

Watch the video from 2:10 minutes.

15. The one where Gino D'Acampo called his grandmother a "bike"

Another hilarious moment was the time Gino D'Acampo made the duo a delicious meal and when Holly commented that if it had ham it would be closer to a carbonara, the TV chef didn’t find the funny side of it and instead said: "If my grandmother had wheels she would have been a bike."

Holly and Phil (and everyone else in the television studio) found the innuendo HILARIOUS and immediately burst into fits of laughter. We don't blame them either, it was pretty funny.

16. That time the puppy Clover dragged Holly Willoughby around the studio

The presenting duo had a lovely guest on the show back in 2016 – a puppy named Clover. The segment was adorable but it soon turned funny after Phil threw a toy for Clover to play and the cute dog dragged Holly along to get the toy.

17. That time Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield read the Emmerdale script

Love Holly and Phil? Are you also a fan of Emmerdale? Well the This Morning presenters treated viewers and read an exclusive sneak peek of an Emmerdale episode before it aired. Holly played Leyla Harding and Phil read Nikhil Sharma's script. It was definitely entertaining watching Phil "seduce" Holly.

18. The one with the soup innuendo

One of our favourite innuendo's on This Morning was the time when Holly and Phil were talking about making their own soup. After Phil said: "I've never whizzed it over the kitchen."

Holly replied: "I should hope not."

Holly could barely continue reading her script after that.

19. The one with Gino D'Acampo and "forking"

We can't forget the time Gino told Holly and Phil to "fork" the spaghetti (twiddle it) which sounded a lot like an inappropriate word. Holly couldn't stop laughing and neither could we.

20. That time Holly Willoughby said: "Once it's in I love it"

Holly was a little apprehensive to eat one of Gino's meals but she managed to try out it and say a hilarious innuendo during the process. After eating it, she said: "Once it's in I love it," cue a lot of laughter.

21. The one where Holly Willoughby said: "Can you do me?"

During an interview with the Real Life Sherlock Holmes - who can read people's minds - Holly asked him: "Can you just stay and do me?"

After noticing the innuendo, she began laughing and Phil joked: "You are impressed."

Watch for 2:10 minutes.

22. The one where Holly Willoughby was on her phone on LIVE television

During the duo's interview with astronaut Tim Peake she thought they were rehearsing and starting to film Phil on her phone. Little did she know they were actually recording live television. She managed to style it out though.

23. That time Holly Willoughby said "Sp--k" on This Morning

Holly Willoughby

While Holly was attempting to read out a funny comment from a viewer she accidentally said an x-rated word. Struggling to read the message, she said: "My son thinks pink mushrooms… thinks sp—k mushrooms," she then covered her mouth and started giggling after realising what she said.

24. The one where Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield teased I'm A Celebrity campmates

We love I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! In 2016 they definitely had the best series purely because all the campmates got on really well. Throughout the show the campmates - who have been living on rice and beans - are typically starving and during a live This Morning interview Holly and Phil couldn't resist teasing the campmates with their favourite meals.

25. The one with the 'Willy Wanging'

It might not have been Holly and Phil but it was on This Morning and Holly Willoughby and Ben Shepherd hysterically laughing over 'willy wanging' will ALWAYS be funny. When Holly and Ben were reminiscing over welly – we repeat welly - wanging, Holly admitted: "I've never Willy Wanged since then," cue Ben, Holly and the whole TV gallery crying of laughter.

26. The one where This Morning talked sex toys

Plenty of This Morning viewers were outraged during a segment on the show which saw Holly and Phil discuss sex toys. But the pair had a giggle after Holly accidentally made an innuendo when she explained that the statistics "have gone up."

27. The time where things got awkward between Phillip Schofield and Kim Woodburn

One of This Morning's most infamous moments was Kim Woodburn's appearance on the sofa. After her turbulent time in the Celebrity Big Brother house at the beginning of 2017 Phil and Holly interviewed the How Clean Is Your House star about her CBB stint. It wasn't long before things took a turn for the worst after Phil pointed out that Kim might have got on better with her housemates if she was nicer. Kim was not impressed and it wasn't long before things became uncomfortable. Luckily Holly saved the day and made a light joke towards the end of the interview.

28. The one where Danny Dyer shows Holly Willoughby his balls

Holly's funny moment's don’t stop at This Morning though, in 2016 Danny Dyer appeared on Celebrity Juice and things took a strange turn when he showed Holly's his balls. After Keith Lemon asked the EastEnders actor if he has a massive ball, he replied: "I got one massive b-llock, yeah one massive b-llock. It’s a mad thing yeah. It weighs a f--king ton.

"I’d love to whack it out. Can I whack it out?"

Everyone on the TV set was shocked when he actually whacked it out.

29. The one where Iris discussed her sex life

It had been a while since Holly and Phil fell into a fit of giggles but following a chat with 80-year-old Iris they couldn't help but burst out laughing.

After Iris insisted her relationship with her 35-year-old toyboy was legit she went on to describe their first night together.

"It was very rough. Nobody’s been near me for 35 years, I felt like a virgin again. We used a whole tube of KY jelly."

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30: Holly and Phil laughed over kids' accidentally rude drawings

This video of Holly and Phil losing it is worth watching for one child's picture of their new sweet invention, The Ball Licker. What?

31. Holly and Phil meet the sex doll company owner raking it in thanks to lockdown

Nowhere on morning TV do things get closer to the bone than on This Morning, so of course the invited on mum of four, Jade Stanley, who sells sex dolls. She says business is booming and sales have increased fourfold. And, of course, is joined by male sex doll, Jesse.

32. Holly and Phil lose it over the rude alternative meaning of Singapore Grip...

David Morrissey was on promoting his new show Singapore Grip, an ITV period drama, but Holly and Phil thought they might have a different idea about what the title mean and got Dr Zoe on to explain...

The doctor said: 'The Singapore grip is a sexual technique which involves the woman using her vaginal muscles to stimulate a man’s penis during intercourse while they remain stationary.’

Which of course didn't make them lose it AT ALL.

33. Iris comes back... with her toy boy

Iris came back on with her partner, who she'd managed to reunite with in Egypt. Speaking alongside Mohamed, she said: "'Toyboy' means a game, our life is not a game. Normally, Mohamed is very shy when he’s speaking, he’s not shy in bed."

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