Chrishell Stause On Selling Sunset Season Five; ‘This Is Our Best Season Yet’

As Selling Sunset returns for season five, Chrishell Stause talks to Grazia about what viewers can expect; from new agents, drama and whether she is open to making peace with Christine Quinn.

Chrishell Stause

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'I'm very anxious to watch this season' Chrishell Stause admits when quizzed about season five. 'It's our best season yet though. I've been told by the man himself Adam DiVello (the show's creator).' Today, Netflix transports us back to the uber glamourous Sunset Boulevard. We will finally be reunited with our beloved realtors who brunch, gossip and sell luxury homes - all whilst strutting in six-inch heels. How we've missed the ladies of the Oppenheim Group! We still might not completely understand what escrowis, but it's the effort that counts.

Chrishell says she walked into filming season five in a 'really happy place.' From the trailer fans will anticipate that this season will follow her brief relationship with Jason Oppenheim.She says, 'We do let everyone in on what's been going on behind the scenes. Life takes its course and you guys will will see that. I'm still proud of the journey and I'm not embarrassed about anything.'

Another major ongoing storyline comes from the tension between the agents at the Oppenheim Group. Whilst real estate is competitive - it's the gossip and drama that really drives a wedge between the ladies. The relationship between Chrishell and Christine Quinn has been fractured from season one of the hit reality show. Since then their dynamic has been made up of frosty side-eyes, digs and heated confrontations.

The demise of Christine's friendship withMary Fitzgerald, Emma Hernanand Heather Rae El Moussa also played out last season. So, while we didn't expect any 'Kumbaya' moments, Chrishell now seems open to the idea of peace between them. 'I have to say, there have been some some really promising things that have happened,' she admits.' I'm certainly in a place where I feel like that's [peace] is definitely what people want and that's what I want. She adds,' I'm hoping that's somewhere that we can definitely get to. Let's just least agree to disagree, this is a great opportunity for us all and that's the common glue that holds this dysfunctional family together.'

Chrishell reveals that this season will also show different sides of agents both old and new. 'I think that you guys are going to enjoy seeing another side to Emma,' she reveals. 'Last season she got overshadowed by the dramatic storylines and I'm excited for you guys to see more of who she is.'

We all now know that a fellow Brit - Chelsea Lazkani - will also be joining the Oppenheim ranks and according to Chrishell, we are in for a treat. 'Chelsea is amazing but it wouldn't be our show if they didn't try and amp up some drama! She brings it - she's such a badass, a mum and a lot of people are going to look up to her.'

Being on a reality show can be overwhelming as you open up your life for millions to judge - so, how does one navigate this? Chrishell reveals it was a process, 'In the beginning, it did take it's toll on me. I got to a place where I was thinking, is this all worth it? It does add an extra element of anxiety and drama to your life.' In the end Chrishell believes that just being on this successful show outweighs any negatives. 'I've realised, you're not going to please everybody, you never will. I'm really happy and living my life and that's all that matters. '

Three words to sum up the season? 'Best, dramatic and luxurious,' she says without hesitation. Bring it on we say!

Selling Sunset Season 5 airs on 22 April on Netflix

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