Stop Attributing Chrishell Stause’s Achievements To Jason Oppenheim

She was a realtor three years before Selling Sunset even began.

Chrishell and Jason

by Lydia Spencer-Elliott |

It’s a pretty tired accusation that a woman is only doing well at her job because she’s in a relationship with her boss.

Yet, that’s exactly what trolls told Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Stause after she coupled up with Jason Oppenheim…Don’t you just love it when a woman’s success is attributed to a man?

Stause famously works as a realtor at The Oppenheim Group selling ridiculously priced houses to the super rich in Los Angeles and has been seen on season four securing pretty massive deals.

She also put her real estate experience to good use and purchased a ginormous Hollywood Hills home – originally listed for $4 million – for $3.3million in June. Love that for her.

But for some reason, Stause living her best life has infuriated the internet: 'You swear you’re the big shit bc you’re dating Jason!' one bizarrely enraged viewer vented in her DMS.

'The only reason you’re getting listings and selling them is bc of Jason. And that dream house you got was bc of Jason,’ they continued before charmingly labelling her a ‘miserable bitch’.

While there may have once been a day when realtors were scrambling for listings and properties to flog, it’s easy to see that one of the most famous real estate brokers, whose client list includes Meryl Streep, Orlando Bloom and Nicole Scherzinger, aren’t scrambling for business.

This makes the accusation that Stause ‘can't accomplish anything without a man’ completely ludicrous and wildly inaccurate. In fact, Stause is so popular from her reality TV fame that she regularly gives away clients.

'When you are an agent on tv you end up getting so much business you have to refer it out to others bc there is only so much time in a day,’ she explained on Instagram. ‘The days of getting more listings because of rank in the office are long gone.'

And so, thereby, are the days of sleeping your way to the top.

The insult is doubly jarring as it implies Stause has no work ethic, talent, or ambition of her own (ridiculous) and that she’s somehow using Jason to get ahead in her career.

While the relationship between the two long-term friends was an internet-breaking shock over the summer (how could we forget those PDA Italy photos), it doesn’t mean their feelings are any less sincere.

In fact, Stause has gone so far as to attribute working together as the final push she and Oppenheim needed to take their relationship further: ‘This never happened where he’s my best friend and we just became so close with work. I do recommend it to anyone to do it backwards,’ she told Extra.

Oppenheim aside, Stause has always hustled. She started her career as an actress joining All My Children as Amanda Dillon in 2005 and Days Of Our Lives as Jordan Ridgeway in 2013. Then, in 2016, alongside two further on-screen roles, she qualified as a relator – three years before Selling Sunset even existed.

‘Chrishell initially became a realtor to negotiate and protect her own interests,’ her bio on The Oppenheim Group website reads. ‘Having found a real passion for the profession, she now brings that same experience, knowledge and advocacy to all of her clients’… Now what’s not independent about that?

But whether people hate on Stause or not, she seems pretty unbothered. 'It would seem I am not the miserable one here,' she told her troll before reassuring her fans: 'It just kind of gave me a laugh.’ If our net worth was $5 million, we’d be laughing too.

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