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Everything you need to know about 2021 deals on the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson Hairdryer

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For those intent on making the most of the hyped-up sale period, you can do far worse than setting your sights on the Dyson haircare range. From hoovers to hairdryers, where there is a whisper of the word ‘Dyson’, an admission of game-changing, revolutionary technology is sure to follow. And their Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is no different,

Dyson's Supersonic Hair Dryer may have launched back in September 2016 but it still remains one of the most talked about hair tools out there. Why? Well, apart from its slick metallic design, light weight and minimal sound, it is quite simply one of the best hair dyers we've tried. Ever.

Shop: Dyson's Special Edition Supersonic Hair Dryer

You can pick up the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer at the RRP of £299.99 in a special edition Prussian blue and rich copper shade. Shop the new limited edition below.

The Supersonic Speed - Is The Dyson Hair Dryer Faster Than Others?

Claiming to cut drying time in more than half, we were sceptical. We’ve seen dryers with engines formulated by the fastest cars in the world, and super-turbo tools offering over 1800 watts of power, but did the Dyson go one step further? One Grazia Writer state, 'It beats them all. I usually leave my hair to air dry while I do my make-up, then blast it off before blow drying it with a round brush. The whole process, which usually takes me 12 minutes (yes, I’ve timed it) took a miraculous four. Pretty impressive, I know.'

But that’s not the only benefit, hair was noticeably shinier too. 'After using the dryer for over a month, the quality of my (very bleached) ends actually felt like they had improved. I’m now less prone to split ends, which in hand means I can wait a little longer between haircuts.' The technology within the dryer is so high tech that the distribution of heat is more controlled, which in turn will reduce damage and protect your hair’s natural sheen.

Our rating: 10/10

The Sound-Proof Volume – Is The Dyson Hair Dryer Quiet?

When James Dyson developed the dryer he wanted to create something silent, or as close to that as possible. Having been frustrated that he couldn’t speak to his wife while she blow dried her hair, this was an important factor he wanted include. So, is it really quiet? The short answer is no but it is noticeably less noisy. It’s more ‘loud fan’ rather than ‘leaf blowing vacuum sound', which is definitely more tolerable.

Our rating: 7/10

The Look and Feel - Does The Dyson Hair Dryer Look Nicer?

The appearance of the dryer is pretty snazzy to say the least. Slick, sliver (although there’s a pink option and blue option too), and with a giant hole in the middle, much like the Dyson fans, it looks impressively chic in any bedroom and the dials on the handle are simple and easy to navigate. With four intelligent heat settings (from 28°C- 100°C) and three speed controls, that can measure the warmth and pressure twenty times a second, you’re not exposed to excessive temperatures, which can lead to hair damage.

Holding the dryer feels a lot more unique, too. The weight is significantly lighter thanks to the 103 engineers that helped input the engine in the handle, rather than the head (where it usually sits). The benefit is that it helps create the perfect balance and in turn means you won’t get hair dryer arm ache. Thumbs up indeed.

Our rating: 10/10

The Versatility - Can The Dyson Hair Dryer Be Used On Different Hair Types?

Dyson has recently re-engineered its styling attachments to include a smoothing nozzle, styling concentrator, diffuser, gentle air attachment and wide-tooth comb. Designed for curly and texture hair, the wide-tooth comb helps to create definition and shape, whilst the gentle air attachment goes easy on fine and sensitive scalps.

The Hefty Price Tag – Is The Dyson Hair Dryer Worth The Money?

£299.99 for a hair dryer isn’t cheap. And with the average power dryer coming in at just over £100, it is significantly more expensive. But if you are due a work bonus, out of ideas for Christmas, or you’re fanatical about hair - this dryer really is worth it

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