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Is The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Really Worth The Hype?

The speediest, but most expensive hairdryer has landed, and our associate beauty editor, Sam Freedman, puts it to the test…

When the Dyson hairdryer landed on the beauty desk, we were mesmerised. Never before had we seen a hairdryer quite like it. With its slick silver design, lightness in weight, and with the promise to let out mega power with minimal sound, it was quite literally, a beauty revelation.

But how did it serve when it was actually put to the test? Was it really as great as the reviews were predicting? Did it actually blow out air while staying silent? And would it really dry your hair in record time? We put it to the test, to answer your every query…

Dyson Hairdryer Review

What Are The Benefits Of The Dyson Hairdryer?

The benefits of the Dyson hairdryer are quite simple: it promises to dry your hair quicker, at a lower temperature, without as much noise. Perfect!

The Supersonic Speed - Is The Dyson Hair Dryer Faster?

With the aim to actually cut drying time in much more than half, we were sceptical. We’ve seen dryers with engines formulated by the fastest cars in the world, and super-turbo tools offering over 1800 watts of power, but did the Dyson go one step further? “It beats them all”, reveals Sam. “I usually leave my hair to air dry while I do my make-up, then blast it off before blow drying it with a round brush. The whole process, which usually takes me 12 minutes (yes, I’ve timed it) took a miraculous four. Pretty impressive, I know.”

But that’s not the only benefit Sam found, “My hair was noticeably shiner, which is normally an impossible task for a blonde, and the quality didn’t feel compromised, in fact having been using the dryer for over a month, the quality of my (very bleached) ends actually felt like it had improved. I’m now less prone to split ends, which in hand means I can wait a little longer between haircuts.” But Sam isn’t just being kind, the technology within the dryer is so high tech that the distribution of heat is more controlled, which in hand will reduce damage and protect your hair’s natural sheen.

Our rating: 10/10

The Sound-Proof Volume – Is The Dyson Hair Dryer Quiet?

When James Dyson developed the dryer he wanted to create something silent, or as close to that as possible. Having been frustrated that he couldn’t speak to his wife while she blow dried her hair, this was an important factor he wanted include. So, is it really quiet? The short answer, “No”, explains Sam, “but it is noticeably less noisy. It’s more ‘loud fan’ rather than ‘leaf blowing vacuum sound, which is definitely more tolerable. I don’t feel like I can have a full-blown conversation over the noise, but because they drying time is so fast, it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make”.

Our rating: 7/10

The Look and Feel - Does The Dyson Hair Dryer Look Nicer?

The appearance of the dryer is pretty snazzy to say the least. Slick, sliver (although there’s also a pink option too), and with a giant hole in the middle, much like the Dyson fans, “it looks impressively chic in any bedroom,” says Sam, “the dials on the handle are simple and easy to navigate too.” With four intelligent heat settings (from 28°C- 100°C) and three speed controls, that can measure the warmth and pressure twenty times a second, you’re not exposed to excessive temperatures, which can lead to hair damage.

Holding the dryer feels a lot more unique to any other we’ve come across. “The weight is significantly lighter”, Sam continues, that’s thanks to the 103 engineers that helped input the engine in the handle, rather than the head (where it usually sits). The benefit is that it helps create the perfect balance and in turn means you won’t get hairdryer arm ache. Thumbs up indeed.

Our rating: 10/10

The Hefty Price Tag – Is The Dyson Hair Dryer Worth The Money?

£299.99 for a hairdryer isn’t cheap. And with the average power dryer coming in at just over £100, it is a significant amount more. But if you are due a work bonus, or you’re fanatical about hair, this dryer really is a masterpiece. “I’m often asked if I would spend this amount of money on a product, or in this case, a tool, and as someone who doesn’t have time to faff in the morning with a long-winded blow dry, and as hair is so important to me, I do think the hairdryer is an investment worth making.”

Our rating: 3/10

The Overall Result – Is The Dyson Hair Dryer Worth It?

With more plus points than minuses, Sam was definitely swayed. Here are a few other points she thinks really makes the blow dryer stand out:

Where Can I Get A Dyson Hairdryer Cheaper?

The hairdryer retails for £299.99 pretty much everywhere, from Dyson's official site to John Lewis, but you can get some deals on eBay and Gumtree, if you're willing to risk it.

If you can't afford the hefty price tag, try one of these more affordable options...

TRESemme Salon Professional Hair Dryer, £23.49 **Boots**Boots

As well as excelling at making hair products, TRESemme also make a pretty decent (and affordable) hairdryer. Offering ionic technology, excellent heat distribution and multiple settings this one is a winner.

Nicky Clarke NHD120 Frizz Control Hair Dryer, £46.21, **Amazon**Amazon

Much cheaper than other hairdryers, this dryer from hair expert Nick Clarke will banish frizz and give you a bouncy finish.

GHD Air, £79, **Look Fantastic**Look Fantastic

GHD may have found fame thanks to their superior straighteners, but they also make excellent hairdryers. 'The GHD AIR is also a favourite of mine as it has ionic technology, great airflow and dual wattage so perfect if you plan to travel,' Burnett told us.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume - Volume Finish Hair Dryer, £36.99, **Amazon**Amazon

If you're fed up with flat hair than this may be the solution to all your hair woes. Lightweight and compact, this hairdryer will not let you down in the power stakes. Use the diffuser is you wish to enhance your natural curls or waves.

Parlux 385 Power Light Ceramic Ionic Dryer, £89.95, **Parlux**Parlux

Powerful yet extremely light, your arms will not get tired trying to dry your hair with this dryer. Plus, the eco-friendly technology ups its green credentials.

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