Is The Dyson Airwrap Styler Worth The Hype?

Is The Dyson Airwrap Styler Worth The Hype?

    By Hannah Coates and Joely Walker Posted on 19 Oct 2018

    From hoovers to hairdryers, where there is a whisper of the word ‘Dyson’, an admission of game-changing, revolutionary technology is sure to follow. And their latest launch is no different: totally turning the way we currently curl our hair on its head, their new Airwrap Styler utilises the same tiny motor as their Supersonic hairdryer (which delivers 3 times the amount of air as your average hairdryer) to impart less heat damage and curls that actually stay put.

    How does the Dyson Airwrap Styler work?

    How it works is this: using aerospace technology (called The Coanda Effect), the airflow generated by the motor is used to create a spinning vortex of air within and around the curling barrel; by way of this aerodynamic ‘rule’, our hair wraps itself around the barrel, drying in a curl, which you set with a cool shot of air. It takes no time at all to create the ultimate bouncy and, importantly, because of the pressurised flow of air Dyson’s motors afford, they don’t need to use high levels of heat like many other tongs. While some competitor brands can reach up to 230 degrees, Dyson tools never surpass 150 degrees meaning hair will be in much better condition, look shinier and colour won’t be jeopardised either. And you can forget the blow-dry-then-curl faff you might be used to; they are designed to be used when hair is 80 per cent dry. Yup, this is a damp to dry styler with a difference.

    Our Beauty Director gives it a whirl…

    Joely Walker: A few weeks ago I was invited in to Dyson HQ to preview a ‘new innovation’ that would ‘blow my mind’. When Dyson sends such an invite, you stumble over backwards to see the goods first-hand. Shrouded in secrecy, I signed my life away on an NDA agreement and swore I’d keep strictly schtum about the new development until the launch date. After all, what I was about to see was about to change the way we style hair forever.

    As far as products go, little truly leaves me speechless – but when I the Airwrap styler in action for the first time, I was genuinely gobsmacked (mouth open, catching flies and everything). Swipe to see what it can do…

    See? Gob – officially - smacked. And I’ve got my head around the nitty gritty: the Coanda effect is simply the process of pressurized air naturally bending around a curved surface; the curve in question here being the tong-shaped tool or smoothing brush. But I don’t need to harp on in my B-grade science lingo to sell it to you. Here’s what you really want to know…

    What kind of curl does it give?

    I think this totally depends on your hair type to begin with, but for me it gave curls reminiscent of a bouncy blow dry that I’d usually spend a good hour in a stylist’s chair for, which later settled into a loose natural-looking curl. In terms of curling attachments, there are two different sized barrels to create – the 30mm and the 40mm. Allow a piece of hair to wrap itself around the pressurized air to get a bouncier curl, or, for something a little softer and wavier, wrap your hair around the barrel as you would an ordinary tong and dry it into the style.

    Can it smooth too?

    Come on, this is Dyson we’re talking about. No one-trick pony, the new tool can curl, wave, smooth and dry – although you buy into it for the first three. For smoothing, you’ve got the Soft Smoothing Brush or the Firm Smoothing Brush, which both do what they say on the tin for different hair types.

    What about volume?

    That’s where the Round Volumising Brush comes in. Similar to your round-brush dryer (just a super souped up version) it gives finer hair a volumizing boost by directing the pressurized air into the hair. Use the cool shot to set it into place for some extra volume at the roots.

    Are there options for all hair types?

    There are three sets you can buy into depending on your hair type. Airwrap Complete, £449.99, (all the bells and whistles) Airwrap Smooth + Control, £399.99, (for ‘unruly, frizz prone hair’) and Airwrap Volume + Shape, £399.99, (‘to add volume and shape to limp, flat hair’). I have only tried it on my own – fine, damaged, slightly frizzy – hair so I can’t personally comment on the result it gives all different hair types.

    Should I put it on my Christmas list?

    Hell yes. That said, if you’re still unsure on how it would work for your hair type and styling abilities, and you live near London, book in for a free blow-dry at the Dyson store on Oxford Street so they can show you the ropes and you can try before you buy. (WARNING: You may get sidetracked into the Vacuum cleaner section for a good hour or so. Or was that only me?)

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