The £15 Styling Buy That Could Give You Gleaming LA Waves Like Meghan Markle

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Meghan Markle

by Annie Vischer |

It's been over three weeks since Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, first stepped out in the Netherlands to attend the Invictus Games friends and family reception, and we're still not over her enviable waves. Her white Valentino suit, Valentino bag and Aquazzura heels looked both pared back and glamorous as Meghan made her first international appearance of the year, and her gleaming hairdo levelled up too.

You might call Meghan's Invictus Games hairstyle a hybrid, a meeting of classic beach waves and a glossy blow-dry. The pro behind the look? None other than London's very own George Northwood. The hair guru - who is beloved by the likes of Alexa Chung, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Claudia Winkleman - took to Instagram to showcase Meghan's recent hair looks, writing, 'Two years and one pandemic later; It’s great to be finally reunited with Harry and Meghan,' and, 'And they're back. Wonderful few days with Harry and Meghan.'

While George is respectfully tight-lipped about working with Meghan, he did let Grazia into the secret behind achieving similar glossy waves at home.

OC level beachy-ness meets a Beverly Hills blowout

We're dubbing them 'LA waves' - OC level beachy-ness meets a Beverly Hills blowout. 'It's undone waves with an expensive finish,' says George, 'and the key to the whole look is hair prep. The shine, the volume, that all needs to be there from the start.'

How To Achieve Meghan Markle's LA Waves At Home

According to George a lot of the necessary shine is product dependent. 'I like to use my Undone by George Northwood Moisturising Cream, £15.' It's made with beetroot extract, which helps to boost volume, reduce unwanted frizz, make your hair easier to brush and boost shine. What's not to love? You can even pick it up in your local Boots. Simply smooth a pea-sized amount through wet hair pre-styling, or through dry hair if you want to nourish and smooth on-the-go.

'First up you need to blow-dry your hair,' says George. Never fear though, struggling away with a round brush isn't necessary. 'Try tipping your head upside down while drying and brushing through with a paddle brush as you go,' he says, 'you don't want a perfect blow-dry, you need to keep some guts in the hair. Do blow-dry it forwards over your face,' he says, 'that's what creates that beautiful sweeping shape at the front.' Never underestimate the power of this fuss-free blow-dry stage. 'This blow-dry gives you the foundation of the overall look,' says George, 'it's 50% blow-dry.'

'Don't be tempted to flat-iron or straighten your hair first either,' he says, 'you can only, really use an intense heat styler once on your hair, and your priority in this instance should be a curling tong.'

If you want a loose, luxe wave, go for a big-barrelled curling tong

What type? 'If you want a loose, luxe wave, go for a big-barrelled curling tong. Work with big sections of hair and tong them away from your face.' For classic, more irregular, beachy waves George advises tonging your hair in different directions, but this slightly more methodical technique gives you a far more polished finish.'

'Once you've finished tonging, let your waves cool, then run your fingers through them to separate them,' says George. A misting of light-hold hairspray later, and you're done. Hello LA waves. Keen to try? Shop George's must-have LA waves buy along with other heroes from his range below:

Shop: The £15 Hair Buy George Northwood Swears By For Creating LA Waves At Home


George Northwood Hair Range - Grazia 2022.

George Northwood hair range
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George says: 'This Moisturising Cream gives your locks that day old hair feeling, which is the perfect canvas for styling.'

George Northwood hair range
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George says: 'Tong away from the face, then pull out the curl.'

George Northwood hair range
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George says: 'Have a blast. Brush, shape, then shake hair out.'

George Northwood hair range
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George says: 'Glide from root to tip for smoothness or add a zig zag for waves.'

George Northwood hair range
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George says: 'Undamaged is your daily hair revivor.'

George Northwood hair range
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George says: 'Undamaged is your daily hair revivor.'

George Northwood hair range
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George says: 'Your hair needs a detox too!'

George Northwood hair range
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George says: 'It's your one stop shop to great hair.'

George Northwood hair range
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George says: 'Your hair needs a moisturiser too, so thirsty hair will drink all of this goodness up.'

George Northwood hair range
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George says: 'The Volume Spray will become your best friend.'

George Northwood hair range
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George says: 'Look no further. The Wave Holding Spray locks in those undone, loose waves so they stay in place all day, while offering heat protection for styling and de-frizzes hair for a silky-smooth finish.'

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