The Married At First Sight UK Christmas Reunion Is Coming Soon

The festive special will reunite cast members from series 1 and 2.

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If you have a reality TV shaped hole in your heart, E4 are here to fill it. The Married At First Sight UK Christmas reunion is coming.

Multiple brides and grooms from recent and past series have been whisked away for a festive countryside escape. The series 1 cast includes Alexis, Amy and Nikita. From series 2 we have Zoe and Jenna (who are still together.) Also attending are Chanita, Jordan, Pjay, Duka, Adrian, Thomas and Johnathan. E4 have also teased that they will explore any new connections that formed outside the experiment.


The synopsis reads, 'As they reunite at a festive dinner party, they’ll confront ghosts from Christmas past, present and reveal their wishes for the year to come. But as the evening unfolds - will any new friendships form? Will exes confront each other? Will any budding romances blossom under the mistletoe?'

The nation is also anticipating a reunion between Thomas Hartleyand Adrian Sanderson. Adrian recently admitted he was no longer on speaking terms with his former husband, and so have many other series 2 cast members. He revealed that the breakup 'needed to happen.' Adrian told The Mirror, 'Me and Tom always had our ups and downs because we both have our say. And we're just very different about how we say things. But I'll always have love for him.'

Thomas echoed these sentiments during a Q&A on his Instagram. A fan asked if the duo still spoke, to which Thomas replied, 'No, where most of the cast is concerned now I don't want any association. I'm just going to do things that make me happy and feel secure.' Adding, 'And I'm letting sitting ducks lie with [Adrian] now. The show is over and everyone's on their own paths and I wish him love'. He was also asked about filming the Christmas reunion episode and he admitted that it 'kicked off.' We can't wait to watch!

Thomas also fell out with the rest of his co-stars after his shocking comments on the What’s Happenin’ podcast. Thomas mentioned Jenna's late father during the episode, which she described as a 'stab in the back.' He later took to Instagram to apologise for his conduct on the podcast. In an apologetic post the reality star said there is 'no excuse' for his comments and explains how he will live 'eternally with regret' following his behaviour.

With all these huge personalities confined in one space, what could possibly go wrong?

The Married At Fist Sight UK Christmas special will air on 24 December on E4

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