Meet Married At First Sight UK’s Thomas Hartley

Thomas wants a marriage like Beyoncé and Jay-Z's!

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Married At First Sight UK returns next week! That means 16 singletons are gearing up to find love and meet for the very first time at the altar. Mel Schilling, Paul C Bronson and Charlene Douglas are also returning as relationship experts to help the couples to try and find a happily ever after.

According to expert Charlene, there are some strong personalities this year. She revealed to Grazia, 'Let’s say there’ll be a few new hashtags with some of the things people were saying, we’ve got some real funny characters.' Why do we get the feeling that one of these funny characters is Thomas Hartley? Judging by his statements, it sounds like he’s not going to be shy when it comes to getting plenty of screen time, or afraid of a bit of confrontation.

Who is Thomas Hartley?

Thomas is a Mental Health Care Assistant from Liverpool. In his Instagram bio he describes himself as a scouser, part of the LGBTQIA community and a social activist.

Channel 4 have said in a statement, 'Thomas is bursting with energy, sarcasm, and bawdy humour and, for as long as he can remember, he’s always loved being the centre of attention.' So basically, he's a perfect MAFS contestant. Get him to the dinner parties, stat!

On Instagram, E4 released a clip of him playing a confessional game called 'Never Have I Ever'. Straight away, he asks if the questions are 'rude' because, if they are, he's probably done them all! They then asked whether he has ever kissed on a first date, and he fired back with, 'And everything else!' It looks like he's already made a friend in last years fiery contestant Nikita Jasmine as she commented under the video, 'I fucking love you already.'

How old is Thomas Hartley?

Thomas is 31.

Why has Ryan Hartley joined Married at First Sight UK?

Ryan hasn't given too much away yet but he is apparently looking for a love like that of Beyoncé and Jay-Z. That sounds about right considering he wants all eyes on him when he enters a room! Thomas’s worst nightmare would be for someone to describe him as 'nice.' As for the perfect other half, he reckons he’s looking for a partner to 'balance him out.' So, maybe some with a very calm aura who can handle his fiery persona? We wonder who it will be!

Does Ryan Hartley have Instagram?

Yes! Follow her on @thomashartleyofficial for an insight into filming the show and some cheeky snaps.

When does Married At First Sight UK 2022 start?

Not long now! The show starts on Monday 29 August, 9pm on E4.

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