Married At First Sight UK 2021: Which Couples Are Still Together?

Where are the couples now? We are all desperate to know...

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Married at First Sight UK series six was full of twists and turns. As series seven is about to begin with a new bunch of singletons, now we want to know how the 2021 cohort are doing. Who is still together? And where are the Married At First Sight 2021 UK cast now? We wonder what has really happened now the cameras have stopped rolling. Luckily we have a a reunion coming soon to E4 but in the mean time we have done some digging.

Here’s everything we know about the MAFS 2021 cohort thanks to some research (and a bit of Internet stalking.)


Married at First Sight UK 2021 couples

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Josh and Amy

Relationship status: Split Amy and Josh had a rocky road from the moment they met at the altar and realised their big age gap. Throughout the series they had ups and downs; with Amy calling out Josh's lack of affection and his excuse of being a 'slow burner'. Despite choosing to stay together at the final commitment ceremony it didn't last long. Amy told Closer that Josh dumped her two weeks before the October 2021 reunion and it was a 'cold cut-off'. Today Amy continues in her successful role as a sports journalist and presenter while Josh is an online fitness coach.

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Megan and Bob

Relationship Status: Split They gave it a go, but the second Megan cheated on Bob with Jordon Mundall at the first dinner party – it was never going to work. After she finally came clean, Bob cried, 'I felt utterly embarrassed, degraded, felt like I wasn’t wanted. She’s been disloyal in a marriage.' They are just two very different people. However, they don't seem to be on bad terms as they were spotted on a night out together in March alongside co-stars Luke Dawson and Marilyse Corrigan.

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Tayah and Adam

Relationship Status: Together (of course)- Now, these two are one of the most loved up couples from this series. They have had a few minor hiccups, but they were clearly perfectly matched. Adam even proposed (for real) to Tayah at the end of the series. The happy couple also recently announced their exciting baby news and are set to welcome a girl later this year. They told New Magazine, 'We both said we wanted to be young parents so we’re so happy it’s happened.' How exciting!

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Ant and Alexis

Relationship Status: Split - After failures with their respective marriages with Jordon and Nikita, Ant and Alexis decided to give it another go and return together. Now, it started off very well, but Ant was not reciprocating any effort into the relationship. It dragged on a bit, but their spark did fizzle out - which was a shame as fans had high hopes!

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Morag and Luke

Relationship Status: Split - It was clear this wasn't going to work. During the 2021 reunion, they were sat very far apart and had multiple heated rows. Despite renewing their vows in the final commitment ceremony, it didn't work out. They also split on a sour note as Morag reportedly blocked Luke on all social media after the show. Ouch!

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Dan and Matt

Relationship Status: Together - Everyone calm down - these fan favourites are still going strong! The only issue with these two was the distance. However, during their final vows Matt did say he would move to Northern Ireland to be with Dan. So, this very loved up couple are still together and thriving. They continue to post cute couple snaps giving everyone a glimpse into their relationship. Daniel also runs a successful wellness retreat company called Wildly Retreats.

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Marilyse and Franky

Relationship Status: Split - Even though they were very loved up during the reunion, the pair split up a few weeks after the show aired. Marilyse admitted their relationship 'went a bit dry' and they became 'more like friends' than lovers. The pair had a very controversial relationship throughout the show. Franky and Marilyse had many doubts from the experts, the contestants, and fans of the show. They had all highlighted an unbalanced power dynamic within their relationship and wanted Marilyse to find her voice.

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Nikita and Ant

Relationship Status: Split - Nikita was very specific about the type of guy she wanted from the off and was sure to let Ant know that it wasn't him. Nikita and Ant were not meshing and got on each others' nerves more than anything. Nikita was later kicked off the show for 'unacceptable behaviour', but the couple were already doomed.

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Alexis and Jordon

Relationship Status: Split Jordon did not treat Alexis with any respect from the start. He constantly rejected her advances and any effort she was giving. The final nail in the coffin came when he cheated on her with Megan. It was also rumoured that he had a long-term girlfriend whilst filming the show (and technically married to Alexis whilst cheating with Megan ... it's all very confusing)

Married At First Sight UK: Who is still together?

So, after doing a lot of digging it is confirmed that only two couples are left standing from the 2021 weddings. Adam and Tayah and Dan and Matt are the only ones still going strong.

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