MIC: Is Maeva Right To Tell James Who They Can Be Friends With?

Her comments came amid a fight with Liv and Tristan

Maeva and James

by Daisy Hall |
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Whilst it can’t be denied that Maeva D’Ascanio has made Made In Chelsea one of the most talked about TV shows again, her behaviour does sometimes err on the side of problematic.

Yes, we’ll concede that this series she actually apologised to Miles Nazaire for getting involved inhis dating drama, but elsewhere some of her comments have raised some eyebrows with fans.

Like this series, when she told her fiancé James Taylor that he could no longer be friends with his former BFF Tristan Phipps because she had a problem with him and his on-again girlfriend Liv Bentley.

One fan took to Twitter to comment, ‘When is James going to wake up and see Maeva is making sure he is isolated and has no one. She always has an issue with everyone’ whilst another tweeted, ‘Maeva doesn’t want to be friends with them and James is so under the thumb and just does as he’s told.’

James may have seemed OK with it and had his partner’s back when she said it, but ultimately Maeva was completely in the wrong. Telling your partner who they can and can’t be friends with is a problem and some would see it as controlling.

Liv was absolutely right to call out Maeva’s comments. Tristan may have made some rude comments about James and Maeva’s relationship in the past, especially with all the proposal drama, but if James can forgive him then Maeva should too. We’re not saying that she needs to hang out with him and Liv, but she shouldn’t kick up a fuss when James does.

James managed to tread the fine line of having his partner’s back, but also calling her out for her behaviour during their chat with Miles, and he needs to bring that ‘dad’ attitude back here. Something tells us Maeva will respect him all the more for it…

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