Married At First Sight UK’s Most Explosive Fights

From jilted brides to cheating grooms, the drama is high.


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The latest series of Married at First Sight UKhas already delivered some top-notch drama - with one recent episode leaving fans questioning whether it could be the most explosive fight yet.

In scenes aired earlier this week, Luke Worley and Jay Howard's time on the show came to an end after Luke found himself in a fight with fellow groom Jordan Gayle. The drama kicked off after Luke discovered Jordan had told Jay about comments made my her husband hinting that she was a pushover. After revealing to his fellow grooms that he felt he could get another girl's number and Jay wouldn't be bothered, Luke compared the situation to 'robbing a bank if you knew you could get away with it.'

Once discovering that Jordan had told a heartbroken Jay about the comments, scenes showed Luke banging on Jordan and wife Erica Roberts' door - stepping into the flat and grabbing the groom.

The explosive fight saw the couple asked to leave the experiment, with Luke later writing, 'We may be leaving on controversial circumstances, but we leave as a team.'

With one explosive series well underway, we can't help but cast our minds back to the various dramas over the years. From jilted brides to cheating grooms, here's the most explosive fights from MAFS UK.


MAFS UK's Most Explosive Moments

Sara and Adam1 of 9
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Series 2: Sara and Adam

It might pale in comparison to the high level anxiety-fest of our more recent series, but back in 2016, OG couple Sara and Adam delivered some very awkward scenes after he went off for a solo night boozing whilst on his honeymoon - leaving Sara to deal with the fall out.

Wayne Series 32 of 9
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Series 3: Wayne

Wayne wasn't the first would-be MAFS star to jilt his new partner at the alter (that would be series one's Sam McDonald, who bizarrely went on to marry her match after meeting him post experiment) - but it sure was gripping TV. Just before their wedding day, Wayne revealed he had doubts about the unusual process and would prefer to find a partner in a more traditional way. We wonder if he had any idea what the show was called...

Verity and Jack3 of 9
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Series 4: Jack and Verity

Jack and Verity certainly didn't get off a flying start to 2019's series four, after Jack's dad called Verity 'ugly' during the wedding. It wasn't to her face, but it certainly didn't set the greatest of precedents. Unsurprisingly, they separated after the show was finished. We can't say we're surprised.

Kate and James4 of 9
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Series 1: Kate and James

Also from series one, Kate and James's marriage lasted only a few days before he was scandalously caught on dating app Tinder. Kate also claimed in court documents detailing their divorce that he had 'wilfully refused' to consummate their marriage. Ouch.

Morag5 of 9
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Series 6: Morag Crichton

It was a fiery season for bride Morag Crichton, who had more than one explosive fight during her time on the show. The final dinner party descended into chaos after Morag alleged that Joshua Christie had previously contacted her and liked multiple Instagram photos a year ago - with the groom insisting he 'didn't believe' her. Morag hit back at Joshua by branding him 'still a f*** boy,' before her husband Luke Dawson questioned, 'Why is this an issue, it was years ago?'
Of course, that just caused more drama - with Morag storming out in tears, with Luke left feeling 'mugged off.'

Clearly this wasn't a romance for the books, with the bride later revealing her husband ghosted her after the show - telling Grazia 'He's let the attention go to his head.'

April and George 6 of 9
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Series 7: April and George

Following a boozy night on her honeymoon in Jamaica, former Miss Great Britain April Banbury was ‘intimate’ with another guest during a game of dares in the jacuzzi - leaving husband George questioning their marriage from the get-go. 'I don't know if I feel comfortable doing this,’ he told the camera. ‘It was heart-breaking and a massive kick in the teeth, she’d been intimate with someone else. I’ve been cheated on.’

Ben and Steph7 of 9
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Series 3: Ben and Stephanie

Ben Jardine certainly earned his stripes as the show's biggest villain after embarking on what seemed like a fairytale romance with new wife Stephanie Saint Remy. But just weeks after moving in together for the experiment, Steph started feeling uncomfortable about Ben's odd hours, the fact that he wouldn't answer his phone, and would stay out all night. It soon transpired that Ben had actually been cheating on her throughout the entire experiment - and had even impregnated another woman during their marriage.

Nikita smiling 8 of 9
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Series 6: Nikita

You knew it was coming. Possibly the most notorious bride in MAFS UK history, Nikita Jasmine hit headlines after getting dragged out by security, before being kicked off the show altogether for her meltdown at the first dinner party of 2021. 'During filming, a situation escalated off camera and Nikita displayed a level of aggression that was unacceptable and breached our agreed code of conduct on behaviour,' a spokesperson told Grazia at the time. 'As a result, she was asked to leave the experiment. All involved have been offered support and Nikita has since apologised and resolved the situation with those involved.'

Alexis 9 of 9
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Series 6: Alexis, Jordon, and Megan

It was the first series to follow the Australian model's revamped 'dinner party' format, so it's no surprise that the 2021 series delivered some of the most explosive moments so far. During the first commitment ceremony, Jordon Mundell admitted to cheating on his wife Alexis Economou with co-star Megan Wolfe, who he shared a boozy snog with after the first dinner party (yep, the one that led Nikita to being forcibly removed from.) Alexis and Jordon dropped out of the experiment, but she later returned with Nikita's jilted husband, Ant Poole. Talk about explosive.

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