Bianca Petronzi Just Delivered The Best Speech In Married At First Sight History

She's posted more on Instagram today about what it felt like taking down Ella and JJ at the dinner party.


by Georgia Aspinall |
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Is there anything better than a Married At First Sight UK dinner party? The reality TV franchise has turned the heat up this season with its most explosive partnerships yet, and the dinner parties are where ALL the drama goes down. In last night’s episode, viewers were treated to what’s now being called the best moment in MAFS history after Bianca Petronzi delivered a brutal speech when finding out her husband JJ Slater had been ‘exploring a new connection’ with one of the other brides, Ella Morgan.

For those who haven’t kept up with the season so far, Bianca and JJ have had a rocky start so far with JJ admitting early on that Bianca doesn’t fit his usual type (although he asked for ‘something different’ to his usual type when applying for the show). His lack of affection and emotional distance has been a sticking point for them, with Bianca trying hard to make the marriage work despite his obvious aversion.

Ella on the other hand is paired up with Nathanial Valentino, who had a similar issue from early on with Nathanial expressing a clear disinterest in Ella physically. His lack of attraction to her has been an uncomfortable watch, with Ella clearly struggling. When JJ expressed an attraction to her then, the couple immediately began exchanging flirty conversations.

Last night, the drama came to a head when Nathaniel revealed to the group that Ella and JJ had been texting, and JJ admitted that there ‘is a connection there’. After Ella tried to defend herself and claimed she is a ‘girls girl’ at heart, Ella was interrupted by Bianca expressing otherwise.

‘Can I just say, you’re not really a “girls girl” if you go for other people’s men,’ Bianca began. ‘I’ve just heard that you’ve been texting him consistently, I think you’re both disgusting, I really do… You had the opportunity to be honest with me and you didn’t, so you’re a f*cking liar. You can both go f*ck yourselves cause I’m done, I don’t want to hear your shitty speech because it means f*ck all to me, so f*ck off.’

Naturally, viewers were obsessed. ‘Honestly was not expecting that, she’s just ripped them a new arsehole good style, never been rooting for someone more in my life 👸🏼 someone give this girl the love she deserves I BEG #MAFS #MAFSUK,’ one viewer tweeted.

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Posting on Instagram after the episode aired, Bianca revealed how she's feeling now about the explosive moment. 'I refused to let my kindness be taken for weakness,' she stated. 'I found my voice and used it. I put on a brave face even though my heart was trembling and I stood up for myself. I'm incredibly proud and I'm so glad you all got to see it.'

What will come of the drama next? We’ll have to tune in tonight to find out, but it’s safe to say we’re in for a few more explosive dinner parties yet.

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