Made In Chelsea: This Heartbreaking Confession From Issy Francis-Baum Is All Too Relatable

'I’m good enough to have sex with but for the long run… no.’

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Last night on Made In Chelsea our hearts broke for Issy Francis-Baum. She clearly has feelings for Miles Nazaire and watching him having flirty banter with Melissa Tattumwas too much for her to take.

This episode the Kings Roaders went to the Cotsworlds for a few days of fun. Previously Miles broke things off with Issy because he said he didn't see a long-term future with her. Which is fair enough because their six year age gap means their lives are in different places. However, on the trip Miles ended up sleeping with Issy - which confused things even more.

After leaving the trip away early after getting upset, Issy opened up to Maeva about her feelings. 'This keeps happening to me. I'll find someone I really like and then they just drop me.' She continues, 'I just want someone to be like, "You're amazing, I want to spend all my time with you". Instead it's just that I’m good enough to have sex with but for the long run… no.’ To which Maeva replied, 'It's not you no matter what. Don't loose your confidence because of that.'

We have to remember Issy is only 20 years old. However, I think we can all see glimmers of ourselves in her. It's so easy to fall for a man quickly and deeply when they are saying all the right things. For a while, Miles was entertaining her. She got swept up in the dream he was selling and it's understandable. Made In Chelsea is obviously dramatised for our entertainment but this was clearly a real emotional moment. You could even see the ice queen Maeva getting a little bit emotional - you can tell she's been there too. We all have.

Also, it's tough being a hopeless romantic in this day and age. In a social media and dating app fueled world, human beings can be viewed as disposable. For many people there is this thrill, excitement and chase around finding the next best thing with each swipe. But the grass isn’t always greener. Sometimes it's best to cherish who you already have in front of you.

There were some comments online saying Issy should have 'known what she was getting into with Miles'. Is this really fair? How many of us are really thinking deeply about a man's past when we are getting to know them? Issy only met Miles this summer and probably wanted to get to know him herself and judge based off her own experience. When you start dating someone and you're in the moment - that isn't going to be at the front of your mind. It's not fair to pin it all on her.

I think we can all relate to not feeling 'good enough' for a man because of their actions. It takes time but there is a lightbulb moment that arrives when you realise you're not the problem. Miles' commitment issues are his problems -not hers.

It's hard not to internalise rejection especially when you are starting to develop feelings for that person. It dosen't make Issy any less worthy and she needs to remember that. The right person won't leave you confused - you will feel secure and loved.

In conclusion: Miles has missed out on a lovely girl and we hope Issy heals from this experience and starts to realise her self-worth.

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