Meet The Cast Of Netflix’s New Property Show, Buying London

You might recognise some of the cast from Made in Chelsea..

Meet The Cast Of Netflix's New Property Show, Buying London

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Missing the Selling Sunset drama and fawning over those decadent LA properties? Well, consider your reality real-estate void filled, as the UK’s answer to Selling Sunset is here – Buying London.

Netflix’s newest addition to its plush housing show market follows property tycoon Daniel Daggers and his ambitious team of estate agents - including Rosi Walden, who you might remember from Made in Chelsea - at DDRE Global as they take on the luxury property capital of the world.

Daniel’s agency has positioned itself as a force to be reckoned with among London’s high-end property competitors, hence the broker’s self-styled nickname of Mr Super Prime. But monetising mansions and touring townhouses are not the only Buying London deliverables, as there are office dynamics, competitiveness and fallouts to contend with, too – basically, all the essentials for glorious real-estate show viewing.

There is just a week to go until Buying London drops on Netflix, so before Thursday 22 May rolls around, why don't you get up to speed on the agents who will be taking on the Big Smoke? Whether you want to see how the other half live, vicariously experience being a distant neighbour of the Beckhams, or simply need some escapist reality TV from the comfort of your home, Buying London ticks all the binge-watching boxes.

Buying London: The cast

Daniel Daggers - The Boss

Instagram handle: daniel_daggers

Daniel, 44, is the founder of DDRE Global and according to his Instagram bio, was voted UK Property Advisor of the Year.

An Instagram post outlining DDRE Global as a business summarises, 'Founded in 2020, by Super Prime trailblazer, Daniel Daggers, DDRE sets the standard for luxury property marketing globally. We have the extraordinary privilege to represent and provide best-in-class service to some of the world’s most influential clientele and their properties. Through our trusted advisors, their network, media, marketing and technology, we’re able to reach and engage an extraordinary number of potential sellers and buyers globally. Together, we have access to over £5 billion worth of global properties.'

'London is ready for industrial change,' Daniel says in a teaser for the show. 'So I've put together a team of talented agents who are hungry as hell to take on the competition.' He demands the best from his staff and expects them to go at 100mph just like he does, but being married to the job has meant many personal sacrifices along the way.

Daniel Daggers Buying London
Daniel Daggers Buying London ©Zoe McConnell

Rosi Walden - Agent

Instagram handle: rosi.walden

Rosi knows London like the back of her hand as she grew up in Holland Park. Describing herself as a 'modern agent', she claims to have new money clients all over the globe, but is less than impressed when another agent is handed all the big properties...

This will not be Rosi's first rodeo on reality TV, as she previously starred in Made in Chelsea between series 17 and 20, which aired from March 2019 to December 2020. Fans might remember her awkward encounter with Jamie Laing in late September 2019, when he was in the early stages of dating his future wife Sophie Habboo. It appeared that Rosi had thought their previous between-the-sheets fun would develop into something further, but it became apparent that Jamie had perceived it as a short and sweet fling. An emotional conversation ensued, in which Rosi made clear to Jamie that his actions have consequences.

Rosi has not opened up extensively about her role in Buying London, but when she shared the announcement with the caption, 'The news is out', Made in Chelsea's Verity Bowditch replied, 'Yes' with several clapping emojis.

Rosi Walden Buying London
Rosi Walden Buying London ©Zoe McConnell

Juliana Ardenius - Interior Designer

Instagram handle: julianaardenius

Oozing confidence, Juliana claims to be the 'hottest interior designer in London'. She describes herself as 'very naughty' when given half a chance and relishes the opportunity to push boundaries.

She also has no qualms opening up about who has caught her eye in the office, which certainly shakes up the dynamic at DDRE Global. But when Juliana reveals shocking details about her past, it’s clear there’s a lot more to her than meets the eye.

Ardenius is a surname that most commonly crops up in Sweden, and Juliana hinted at possible Swedish roots in her announcement post when she replied to certain comments in the language.

Juliana Ardenius Buying London
Juliana Ardenius Buying London ©Zoe McConnell

Rasa Bagdonaviciute - Agent

Instagram handle: rasa.bagd

Rasa knows a thing or two about mingling with the elite, as she proudly states that her strength is her wealthy contacts. 'I'm a hustler, and I'm here to make an impact,' she says.

Always at the heart of office politics, she’s unafraid to speak her mind and never shies away from confrontation, even if that means locking horns with the other agents, causing Daniel to force her to resolve differences.

Evidently she's thrilled to be making her Netflix debut, writing on Instagram, 'The long-awaited moment is finally here! I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be joining Daniel Daggers and the advisors of DDRE Global on Netflix's Buying London. Launching May 22nd. Let the show begin!'

Rasa Bagdonaviciute
Rasa Bagdonaviciute ©Zoe McConnell

Lauren Christy - Agent

Instagram: lifeoflaurenchristy

'I would describe myself as one of the best agents at DDRE Global,' Lauren says confidently, who is always quick to remind her fellow agents about her long-term friendship with Daniel.

Lauren - who hails from South Africa - believes her expertise and experience mean she’s a cut above her DDRE Global colleagues and therefore deserves to be given the agency’s swankiest properties to market. But Daniel’s alleged favouritism towards her causes a clash with another colleague in an explosive feud which reaches boiling point and could threaten the future of the business.

'The secret is out…' Lauren shared on Instagram. 'Buying London coming soon to Netflix.'

Lauren Christy Buying London
Lauren Christy Buying London ©Zoe McConnell

Olivia Wayne - Broadcaster

Instagram handle: oliviajwayne

Presenter Olivia Wayne used to work on Sky Sports programme Good Morning Sports Fans and gives a sense of what's important to her in her Instagram bio. 'Fashion. Health. Fitness. Motherhood.'

Olivia - who is mum to six-month-old Zadie with husband, DJ and producer Zeb Wayne - reveals in her Buying London introduction that her role is centred on content creation. 'Daniel pulls me in when we have to shoot properties,' she says.

Olivia has the diplomacy skills to diffuse the most volatile of situations. The peacemaker in the office and the voice of reason amid any drama, she’s likeable, caring, and often acts as a go-between when conflict erupts.

Olivia Wayne Buying London
Olivia Wayne Buying London ©Zoe McConnell

Reme Nicole - Agent

Instagram handle: remenicole

At just 21, Nicole is the baby of the office and is keen to impress Daniel, who calls her his 'rough diamond'.

Warm and bubbly, but equally determined and ambitious, Reme is a rising star on the lookout for the big-money opportunities which will help her make her mark at DDRE. Caught up in the intense rivalry in the office to secure the best properties, it will be interesting to see whether the newbie manages to steer clear of friction and cut through the competition to prove herself to Daniel.

'Now I'm selling some of the most amazing homes in the whole of London,' she says proudly.

Reme Nicole Buying London
©Zoe McConnell

Oliver Hamilton - Agent

Instagram handle: olihami

'I've always been one to live in the moment and have fun,' says Oliver, a self-proclaimed posho with enviable connections across the capital.

A reformed party boy with hints of a shady past, he is now settled down and happily married to Vivi, the woman who finally tamed him. But is he able to resist the temptation of one flirtatious colleague and keep his marriage on track? It would appear so, as Vivi - a make-up artist - commented on Oliver's Netflix post, 'So proud of you my darling husband - let the show begin !!'

DDRE Global wrote, 'Join @olihami, our charismatic advisor, as he captivates London’s luxurious property market with his magnetic personality and charm. Buying London launches 22nd of May!'

Oliver Hamilton Buying London
Oliver Hamilton Buying London ©Zoe McConnell

Alex Bourne - Rival Agent

Instagram handle: alexleebourne

Founder and director of super-prime agency London House, Alex is a shrewd operator and one of Daniel's oldest friends.

Alex - who was previously married to S Club 7's Rachel Stevens between August 2009 and July 2022 - has a friendship with Daniel that goes back decades, but when it comes to business, they are arch-enemies and they know they can never truly trust each other as they battle it out on behalf of their wealthy clients.

Underneath the professional tension and power playing, there’s mutual respect, although this could be torpedoed when it emerges Alex has his eye on more than just the next big property deal...

Alex Bourne Buying London
Alex Bourne Buying London ©Zoe McConnell

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