Jamie Laing And Sophie Habboo’s Honesty About Married Sex Is Refreshing

'You get worse as you get married. You become lazy.'

Jamie and Sophie

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Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo celebrated their first wedding anniversary over the weekend, with the former Made In Chelsea star-turned-Radio 1 host making some candid confessions about their married life.

Speaking to The Sun On Sunday, Jamie shared that the pair are big fans of couples therapy – making a conscious decision to see a marriage counsellor and have therapy every other week.

Jamie and Sophie

Revealing that he told Sophie that '40 to 50 per cent of marriages end in divorce', Jamie said, ‘You’ve got to communicate forever, otherwise these things boil up, and going to therapy gives us the best chance of surviving this up-and-down life we’re going to have. So twice a month we sit down for an hour, and I’ve learned lots of lessons.

‘It opens you up and makes you more empathetic. It makes you basically not become a sociopath and it allows you to have another opinion.’

Jamie also shared that the regular meetings have helped him to realise ‘that most of the time my wife is right,’ as well as explaining, ‘it’s made me calmer, with Sophie especially, as I’m generally more volatile than her.’

Jamie also delved into another area of married life: the bedroom. The star didn’t hold back when addressing the couple’s sex life, admitting they had become ‘lazier’ since becoming husband and wife.

‘Sophie did say I was bog standard at sex and that is probably a fair description. You get worse as you get married. You become lazy,’ he said.

Jamie and Sophie
Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo get married, April 2023 ©Getty

‘I used to start doing joined-up handwriting then I thought, ‘I can’t be bothered with that as it’s quicker for me to not do it joined up.’ I’m a bit like that in the bedroom. I don’t give up halfway but I do remember that once I rolled on top of Sophie and she said, ‘Oh, get on with it.”’

Jamie and Sophie aren’t the only couple to find their sex life change after marriage. Only last year, Robbie Williams joked that 'there is no sex after marriage' - with wife Ayda Field clarifying, 'I think people confuse sex for intimacy.'

The more those in the public eye speak up about their marriages, the more it highlights one important thing: not everything is always perfect.

In a world where curated social media squares serve us only the best of someone's life, it's refreshing to hear couples like Jamie and Sophie talk honestly about the reality of adult relationships. Unlike the movies, marriage isn't all steamy romps and gushing displays of love. Once the honeymoon period is replaced by the demands of day-to-day life, sex can take a backseat while juggling jobs, paying bills, and, if chosen,raising kids takes priority.

Marriage, no matter whether it's one year in or 20, isn't always rose-tinted. In fact, sometimes it's hard - and that's totally fine.

Jamie and Sophie first met while filming for E4’s Made In Chelsea, which has now entered its 27th season. Initially friends, it wasn’t until 2019’s Made In Chelsea: South Africa that they began dating. After leaving the show in 2021, Jamie proposed to Sophie at the same Rosewood hotel that they had their first date, announcing it on Instagram by writing, ‘I couldn’t think of anything better than spending the rest of my life with you.’ The couple - who now host their podcast Newlyweds together - tied the knot last year, marrying in a London based ceremony before jetting off to Spain for a second wedding.

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