The Best Maternity Leggings For Every Occasion And Trimester, As Chosen By Parents

Your bump's new best friend.

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Growing a human being is a gruelling business, not just on your body, brain and emotions, but on your wardrobe and bank balance, too. Finding your style while pregnant can be overwhelming, but there's one staple you can always rely on - maternity leggings. A great pair of maternity leggings is a must-have in any pregnant woman's wardrobe; not only are they the ultimate comfy clothes, but they go with absolutely everything. Heading out for lunch? Leggings and a linen blouse. Lounging around watching Netflix? Leggings and an oversized tee. Getting your steps in? Leggings and a hoodie. The list is literally endless. Pregnancy leggings truly are the MVP when it comes to maternity clothes.

Like standard leggings, maternity leggings are made of stretchy, breathable, but never see-through material. However, the difference is that these leggings are designed to accommodate your growing belly without constricting or causing discomfort, and the best ones even offer extra support. And while maternity dresses look fabulous for an afternoon out, you'll definitely be reaching for your maternity leggings and comfy bra the moment you get through the door.

The best maternity leggings at a glance:

Best maternity leggings for comfort: M&S Maternity Go Balance Yoga Leggings, £25

Best maternity leggings for warmer weather: Seraphine Bamboo Maternity Leggings – Twin Pack, £65

Best high-waisted maternity leggings: SKIMS Maternity High-Waisted Leggings, £66

You might think you'll hang up your maternity leggings once you've given birth, but actually, you may still gravitate towards them on any given lazy Sunday, especially when you're in the first stages of post-partum. Comfort is king, and nothing beats this versatile stretchy attire. So, without further avail, here's a selection of the best maternity leggings on the market (read: your new best friend).

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Best maternity leggings for comfort

Online mums-to-be highly recommend these leggings as essential for pregnancy, and we wholeheartedly agree (so much so that this writer practically lived in them throughout her three pregnancies). The quick-drying fabric feels incredibly light and becomes like a second skin, providing the comfort you need when feeling uncomfortable.

Best maternity leggings for warmer weather

Bamboo Maternity Leggings – Twin PackCredit: Seraphine

Crafted from natural bamboo, this twin pack is perfect for the later stages of pregnancy or when it's particularly warm. Bamboo fabric has natural moisture-wicking properties, meaning it absorbs moisture away from the skin and helps keep you dry and comfortable.

Best high-waisted maternity leggings

SKIMS - Maternity High-Waisted LeggingsCredit: Skims

While Kim Kardashian is probably best remembered during pregnancy for her daring fashion choices, her clothing brand, SKIMS, is thankfully much more maternity-friendly - although, each to their own.

The two-ply construction prevents sheerness, and online mums have claimed they are the best maternity leggings they have ever owned, especially paired with the SKIMS maternity cropped top.

Best flared maternity leggings

MOM Flared punto leggingsCredit: Lindex

Flares are having a moment once again, and they look delightful when paired with a baby bump. Opt for an oversized tee, trainers and some layered jewellery and you may be surprised by how great you will look (and feel).

Best smoothing maternity leggings

Commando - Classic Maternity Smoothing LeggingCredit: Wolf and Badger

Pregnancy can bring about so many changes to your body shape, which is why sometimes a little support and smoothing go a long way. These Commando leggings help your stomach, legs and bump feel supported.

Best maternity leggings for support

Mama Ankle Jean-ish high-rise stretch-jersey maternity leggingsCredit: Selfridges

Spanx has been supporting us for years, quite literally. You may be used to wearing the brand's shapewear, and these leggings offer all of the same support. The high-rise design helps alleviate pressure on your lower back and abdomen, promoting optimal posture and relieving discomfort.

Best maternity leggings for special occasions

Faux Leather Maternity LeggingCredit: Revolve

Social functions don't stop because you are pregnant. If anything, they seem to ramp up when you're sticking to mocktails. And while going out when you are pregnant can be fun, it can also be exhausting. So, if you have a big event on the calendar, these faux leather maternity leggings will make you look like you have made tonnes of effort, all while ensuring that you are still as comfy as can be.

Best maternity leggings for comfort

MAMA Seamless leggingsCredit: H&M
Price: £19.99

Seams can be the arch-enemy of pregnancy bumps. Your growing stomach is much more sensitive, and you may have noticed things like tags and seams have started to irritate your skin. That's where these H&M seamless leggings step in, offering ultimate comfort. Pair them with a maternity lounge top for chic comfort at its finest.

Best maternity leggings for exercise

Nike One (M) Women's High-Waisted LeggingsCredit: Nike
Price: $64.99
Alternative retailers
REVOLVE$65.00View offer
DICK'S Sporting Goods$65.00View offer

Exercise is really important in pregnancy, and while we still support slugging out on the sofa, gentle pregnancy yoga and long walks can do wonders for your mind and body. Getting some leggings that will accommodate your growing bump whilst you exercise is a great idea. These Nike leggings have been designed to be worn whilst working out, and some super-mums-to-be have worn them while doing HIIT workouts.

Are pregnancy leggings necessary?

As your bump grows, you may find that your regular leggings just aren't making the cut anymore. Unlike some maternity fashion, you can't always just size up, as they'll be baggy everywhere else. That's why we're big believers in maternity leggings. Throughout our own pregnancies, we found that maternity leggings adjusted to our growing bodies much better than our favourite pair of jeans. Just like plus-sized maternity dresses, the clothing is specifically designed with the needs of pregnant women in mind.

When should you start wearing pregnancy leggings?

There is no right or wrong time to buy maternity leggings. You can start wearing them the moment you realise you are pregnant or wait until your bump has popped. Usually, we find that they are essential from your second trimester when your belly really starts to grow.

How to choose the right size of maternity leggings?

Some women opt to pick one size up for a more comfortable fit. However, most maternity leggings have been designed to accommodate your growing stomach, so they tend to be a little more roomy than your traditional leggings. For this reason, we suggest choosing your normal size.

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