Don’t Be Too Hard On The Love Island Women, Most Of Us Have Taken Back Men We Shouldn’t

We all know the women on this year's Love Island deserve better, but who hasn't made the same mistake?

by Grazia Contributor |

Apart from Jacques' shock exit, relationship-wise, Casa Amor hasn’t made as much of an impact on this year’s Love Islanders as usual. After the chaos of Casa, all the wronged women - Indiyah, Paige, Tasha - were eventually willing to take back their men.

It goes without saying that these women deserve better. Dami, Jacques and Andrew all failed the ‘test’ of Casa Amor, and pursued other women. It was only Luca who stayed loyal, a pretty disappointing result, but he showed that - if they really cared about their partner - they didn’t have to stray.

The behaviour of the men this series has been fairly infuriating. From Jacques playing two girls in Casa Amor to Andrew and 'tit-gate', Love Island is a brutal reflection of modern dating, how difficult it can be, and how quickly women’s feelings can be disregarded.

So, of course, it's upsetting when the women forgive them. We've all shouted at the TV, asking why they're taking these men back.

But the truth is, we've all been there - when men treat you terribly and you know, deep down, that you’re being taken for a mug - and you just don’t care. And as soon as they start showing even the slightest hint of a grovel, you’re back - hook, line and sinker. Even though all your friends are screaming at you to block them on social media, but you can’t, because you know you’re still going to send them the occasional flame emoji and wish them happy birthday.

Watching Jacques read Paige that speech, initially, it was annoying that she instantly melted. But how often has a man done this after they’ve massively messed up? The bar for men is so low that it kind of made his efforts seem impressive, even though all he’d done is compose a long text in the Notes app, and read it aloud.

With Jacques now leaving the villa, and the return of bombshell of all bombshells Adam Collard, we can only wish these girls the best as the chaos continues. But who can hand-on-heart say they'd do any better?

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