The Only 5 Alcoholic Christmas Advent Calendars Worth Buying For £50 Or Less

For when you want a daily tipple, but can’t afford the spenny stuff

Alcoholic Christmas Advent Calendars Worth Buying For £50 Or Less

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You know the drill. Another year, another painful month of begrudgingly eating the chocolate behind the teeny tiny windows on the last crooked advent calendar you managed to salvage from your local supermarket on the 1st December? Think again, my friends. Because this Christmas, it's time to step up your festive, celebratory game.

If you move quick enough, you might have just enough time to get your hands on one of the few beauty advent calendars that are still in stock. But if you're worried about having left it too late to get one of those fun drink-based calendars you've heard everyone talking about recently (boy, did that Aldi one disappear quickly), don't panic because we've found a few great ones that will probably be within a more realistic budget than most. Interested? Of course you are. Here are some of the only boozy advent calendars worth (and still available) to buy for a suitably merry Christmas.

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Boozy Advent Calendars

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1. Wine Advent Calendar, Iceland

We've done some thorough investigating and worked out that if you're after a generous spread of wine on a relatively small budget (compared to those fancy whisky ones people seem to be into) then Iceland's wine calendar will be right up your street. Prosecco fans, never fear. This box has two bottles of prosecco hidden inside it for you to discover next month.£39.99, Iceland

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2. Gin Chocolate Advent Calendar, notonthehighstreet

Yes, this is cheating a little bit but if you want something just a little bit more grown up than the broken Maltsters one your mum bought you on the 5th December last year, here's your easy option. Not a huge commitment to a nightly sesh of sorts, but still an adult-only step up from the milk chocolate Santas you're probably used to.£20,

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3. Beer Advent Calendar, Iceland

Iceland, the unexpected home of cheap university-friendly booze have done well this year. If you're more ale than grape, give their beervent calendar a go. I'd say this is a good shout if you (or anyone you feel so generous enough to gift this wonderful item) are still fumbling through the murky waters of the craft beer world. Don't like what you've got? Don't worry there'll be a completely different one behind the next door.£39.99, Iceland

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4. Spirit Advent Calendar, Debenhams

Straight spirits can be scary for the uninitiated. We've all been there, done it, and lived to tell the tale of regret the following day. But if you're up for jumping on the exceptionally boozy Christmas train, Debenhams' 12 days of Christmas calendar might be a good place to start. You're not committed to a whole month of spirits you probably won't be into but still get to partake in the fun.£32, Debenhams

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5. Wine Advent Calendar, Laithwaites

Nothing gets more grown up than wine from an actual wine store. Sample a taste (or 24) of what Laitwaites, aka the place your parents used to buy their wine in the 90s, has to offer in their very own advent offering. 24 bottles of red, white, rose and yes, prosecco to treat yourself with in the run up to Christmas. Yes, it wonders a little beyond our budget but we reckon this one's worth it.£59.99, Laithewaites

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