Natalie Corner

Profile image Natalie Corner
Profile image Natalie Corner

Natalie Corner has been working in the journalism industry for over a decade. After completing her degree with a special focus on magazines, she then began work at her local newspaper as an entertainment reporter and competition queen.

Moving on up Natalie continued her time in the entertainment field working at the Daily Mirror becoming an expert in all things daytime television.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Natalie developed a passion for nail art and taught herself how to do the perfect manicure before going on to achieve a qualification as a nail technician a few years later.

Keeping that same passion for beauty and lifestyle, Natalie began work at the Daily Mail on the Femail desk, where it would often heave with every make-up and skincare product you can imagine. As well as becoming a product junkie, she interviewed entrepreneurs, charity workers and celebrities during her time as well as building a profile as a fitness expert happy to try out the latest hardcore trend or chat with personal trainers eager to share their own advice to millions of readers.

Now working as a Deputy Commercial Content Editor for Bauer Media across our trusted brands like What’s The Best, Yours, Mother&Baby, Heat and Closer, Natalie shares her expertise in all things fitness and gym related.

With a growing collection of gym gear for her home workouts and ready to get back in the gym, Natalie is more often than not doing a HIIT class, attending any kind of fitness event (when possible) or weight training to get those gains.

As well as a passion for fitness Natalie also loves to walk her cocker spaniel Dash around the rolling landscapes of Yorkshire. Along with a keen interest in pets and wondering what her dog is really thinking, she is also on a mission to decorate her home according to the latest interior trends.

Natalie’s best tips for those looking to get started on their fitness journey:

• Get the right type of trainers for your chosen workouts - weightlifting, cardio or running all require different shoes (Check out our best women’s running shoe recommendations here)

• Always choose form over speed and any amount of weight you lift

• Never be intimidated going to the free weights section of the gym, you’re there to lift and get fit!

Natalie covers across What's The Best: