How Jean’s House In Sex Education Became Our New Interiors Crush

You know you’re in your thirties when you find yourself more aroused by Gillian Anderson’s wallpaper than any of the horny antics on screen

Gillian Anderson

by Lauren Bravo |

Thank god for Sex Education, a technicolour bright spot in the January gloom. There’s plenty to love about the Netflix dramedy, which stars a platinum-coiffed Gillian Anderson as a sex therapist whose teenage son Otis starts a business counselling his schoolmates.

We’re loving the show for its sex-positive candour, and its casually inclusive casting. We’re loving its weird, placeless setting (what decade is this? Why does nobody have the same accent? Do schools have letterman jackets and ‘swim meets’ in the middle of rural Wales?) and surprising style choices. While it might look like a John Hughes movie spawned with Byker Grove, the world of Sex Education is far from a throwback. It’s a glorious, progressive utopia, where swing band is cool, an alien fetish is a-ok and the school’s most popular jock can have interracial lesbian mothers without anybody batting an eyelid.

But most of all, we’re loving the interior design inspo. You know you’re definitely in your thirties when you find yourself more aroused by Gillian Anderson’s wallpaper than any of the horny antics on screen.

Am I right ladies? I’m not the only one pressing pause to drool over the decor? Mmm, those honeyed floorboards. Phwooar, the wicker furniture. The sconces, the shelving, the William Morris on top of William Morris – yes, yes, oh god, give it to me. Just like that. Don’t stop.

52% Of Young People Say They Don't Get The Sex Talk They Need At Home Or At School

In a series jam-packed with talent, Otis’s mum’s house (and it’s a disservice even calling it a ‘house’, really. Dream villa? Mountaintop shag chalet?) is one of the breakout stars. The defining interiors moment of the year, and yes, I am comfortable declaring that four weeks in. When Brexit eventually Brexits and we’re all dragged back to the three-day week, at least we’ll have the 70s homewares to match.

Like so much else in Sex Education’s skew-whiff aesthetic, the house is almost confusingly retro (she has a landline phone, with a cord, on the wall) but manages to look all the more modern for it. I can see ‘Jean’s House’ becoming official design shorthand, like ‘Scandi’ or ‘industrial chic’. We’ll have ‘Jean’s House’ boards on Pinterest, which we’ll scroll while wearing our embroidered kimonos. “I want something more Jean’s House!!!” we’ll yell at our SOs in Ikea. Every order will come with a free Swedish plumber.

But until that day arrives, we’ll have to be more proactive with our methods. Turned on by kitsch crockery, warm wood and leather swivel chairs? Here's how to get yours.

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Morris & Co Blackthorn wallpaper
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The Wallpaper

With at least four different floral prints happening on her ground floor alone, Jean's house is confirmation that wallpaper is back, and it's evolved beyond palm print. We're talking dark, brooding, Victorian florals, layered up with contrasting prints for an effect as trippy as it is traditional. I'm not ashamed to say I've ordered the exact William Morris 'Blackthorn' paper Jean has in her kitchen, and frankly I think it's very generous of me to share the link here.Morris & Co Blackthorn wallpaper (£58.80 per 10m roll, Fashion Interiors)Morris & Co Golden Lily wallpaper (£76 per 10m roll, Style Library)

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