Here’s How To Achieve The Wes Anderson-Inspired Home Décor Trend That’s Taking Over TikTok

It's all about symmetry - and vibrant nostalgia.

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With the release of the new Wes Anderson film Asteroid City in cinemas this week, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to talk about the Wes Anderson home décor edit trend that has hijacked social media. The Wes Anderson aesthetic has captivated us with users gravitating toward symmetrical compositions and vintage colour schemes.

The #wesandersonedit hashtag currently has an eye-watering 126.6m views on TikTok and 718,000 posts on Instagram. The great news? Achieving this distinctive look can be done if you’re on a budget. Think soft pastel hues, retro-inspired motifs and graphic patterns. It’s all about sweet nostalgia and the dream-like worlds Wes Anderson constructs in his movies.

But what actually is the Wes Anderson style? For the uninitiated, there is a whimsical, retro-feel to his work that's tricky to put into words. Much of Wes Anderson’s architecture and interiors feature the iconic Art Deco style – revered for its geometric shapes. Not only that but Anderson is known for his unique playfulness with colour. The Grand Budapest Hotel and The French Dispatch are just two examples of his films featuring colour drench, uniting dream-like whimsicality with the absurd.

Once in a blue moon, our homes require a much-needed refresh. So, to add some movie magic to your home, we’ve found the best Wes Anderson-inspired home décor to deliver some fabulously whimsy and dreamy décor additions, whether bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or beyond.

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Mushroomcore meets Wes Anderson


At the top of our list is this fabulously camp Art Deco brass lamp. This is not a want, it's a

Patterned rug for your pleasure


Ready to throw some shapes? With Wes Anderson comes a penchant for geometric shapes and

Mid-century accent chair

Elements Maddox Self Assembly Boucle Accent Chair
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Mid-century modern is a vibe. Add a comfy complimentary pillow or throw to this chair and let

Whimsical tableware


Characterised by its vibrant lemon design, this picnic platter brings extra zest to your plans.

Mid-century storage

Side Table with Storage
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From Zara, we recommend this mid-century side table with storage. Complete with doors at the

Best paint for Wes Anderson homes

Dulux's EasyCare
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Stephanie King recommends Dulux's Easycare and Simply Refresh range for remaking your home into a

Quirky pastel clock


Unusual and whimsical, this pastel blue clock would make a striking addition to your Wes

Art Deco stool

Pols Potten Zig Zag Lacquered Stool in Red
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The unusual geometric and zig-zag style of this stool is very Art Deco. So, perfect for a Wes

Wes Anderson-inspired mirror


This Vivian Wall Mirror comes with a gold edge - and we're obsessed. It has an interesting shape

Art Deco glassware


You'll look forward to cocktail hour even more thanks to these glasses. Ideal for living our your

Anderson-style table


If you're looking for a quick an easy update to any room, this table is it. It'll instantly add

Whimsical candle holders


How shell-egant. With these candle holders, the combination between bold colours and wavy print

Art Deco wallpaper


If you want to go all-out on your living space, why not consider a new wallpaper? This Art Deco

Anderson-style sofa


Urban Outfitters have knocked Art Deco out of the park with this sofa. It could make a truly luxe


Wes Anderson Style: Explained

If you’re keen on learning more about how to do the Wes Anderson trend, we have been given some support from Tom Revill, co-founder of supplier Plank Hardware. Iconic, quirky and nostalgic, here are their suggestions for turning your residence into a Wes Anderson-inspired home.


Pastel Colour Palettes define Wes Anderson’s style. As mentioned previously, you can recreate the look by cleverly picking the colours that appeared in a particular film. For Asteroid City, Revill recommends looking for pastels and “decorating with variations and complementary colours”.

Colour Drenching is the 'process of choosing one colour and using it across multiple surfaces in one space, such as your walls, the ceiling, furniture and even textiles,' says Revill. By colour drenching, you can achieve the look; his interiors make an impact with their chaotic cohesiveness, which is utterly captivating. Think of the acid-yellow hotel bedroom featured in Hotel Chevalier.

Further, Stephanie King, Creative Lead at Dulux, says: 'Wes Anderson is famous for his quirky, exaggerated colour palettes that give his films a dream-like quality, immersing his audiences in stories that feel truly escapist.' Wes Anderson’s style of home décor uses colours from across the spectrum 'to create different moods,' says Stephanie. See her Anderson-style suggestions above.

Signature Style

Symmetrical Designs are a key element running throughout Anderson’s films. After all, symmetrical interiors can offer domestic balance and harmony. As Revill suggests, start with a focal point if your space requires this aesthetic. He adds: 'You can arrange furniture and accessories in pairs or multiples to achieve the aesthetic. You can also play with shapes… to create symmetry.'

Art Deco comes with an abundance of zany geometric shapes, such as triangles, circles and zigzags. Revill suggests implementing Art Deco elements in your home 'through furniture, rugs and statement art pieces.' Art Deco is not all shapes and zigzags, it can also feature timeless metallic finishes, which can be achieved 'by using metallic finishes in lighting fixtures, hardware and decorative objects.'


Vintage Furniture is a key trend within Wes Anderson’s repertoire, often seen 'integrating vintage objects and calling upon households to stand alone as focal points,' explains Revill from Plank Hardware. Sourcing vintage pieces really can make your space pop – and stand out. Don’t be afraid to trawl websites like Vinted, eBay and Facebook Marketplace. Not forgetting charity shops.

Patterned Wallpapers is Revill's last suggestion for this trend and are one of the 'easiest ways to achieve the Anderson aesthetic.' With patterned wallpapers, you can simply achieve the quirky feel that is associated with many of Anderson’s movies. You can even use a vinyl wrap or kitschy wallpaper to upcycle your furniture, making 'the most out of cut-offs from previous projects or old samples.'

Why not take it one step further by matching your walls with the upcycled furniture? This cohesive style will 'elevate your space even further', says Revill. After all, this captivating, chaotic symmetry is an important element of Wes Anderson’s style – when implemented throughout your space.

Where Can I Watch Wes Anderson Movies?

If you’ve caught the Wes Anderson bug, we’ve got the low-down on where to watch Wes Anderson movies – from The Grand Budapest Hotel to Fantastic Mr Fox:

The Grand Budapest Hotel, Rushmore, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, Isle of Dogs, The Darjeeling Limited, The Royal Tenenbaums and The French Dispatch – are just a snapshot of many incredible films watchable on Disney+.

Fantastic Mr Fox – is available to stream on Netflix UK.

Moonrise Kingdom – is available to stream on Lionsgate Plus.

When Does Asteroid City Come Out?

As of June 19th, Asteroid City has landed in cinemas, starring Stranger Thing’s Maya Hawke, alongside a stacked cast including Tom Hanks, Margot Robbie, Scarlett Johansson, Tilda Swinton Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, Willem Dafoe and Steve Carell.

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