A Trouser Suit Is Your Shortcut To Standing Out This Wedding Season

You know you want to.

Trouser suits

by Natalie Hammond |

When you're thinking about what dress to wear to your next wedding, maybe that's where you're going wrong. Because - crazy idea incoming - you don't have to wear a dress at all. Far from suggesting you announce yourself as a newly-converted nudist, we're actually just pointing out that you could wear something like a trouser suit. Not that navy or grey two-piece that you drag out for interviews, but something far more festive.

Trust us: the trouser suit has moves that a dress can only dream of (long sleeves to shield your shoulders from the sun, internal pockets for your tissues, you name it) - and just imagine how well it will stand out in a sea of wispy florals. It's subtly sexy (you could, depending on how high it buttons, even wear nothing underneath) while being a sensible choice considering that you're going to have to eat in it and dance around in it all day and all night.

Spring's most pleasing options come in the form of either pastels or neons (hear us out) - while most of the blazers measure slightly on the oversized side and are single-breasted (chic). (If you fancy tailoring but not trousers, Tiffany Hsu wore a powder blue blazer with a matching coat at Milan Fashion Week.) The best news, of course, is that in trousers, you can easily outrun anyone when it comes to the bouquet toss.


SHOP: The Best Trouser Suits For Wedding Season

Reiss, Gracey Single-Breasted Blazer, £268
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Reiss, Gracey Wide-Leg Tailored Trousers, £168
2 of 16

COS, Oversized-Fit Check Blazer, £150
3 of 16

COS, Pleated Wide-Leg Checked Trousers, £99
4 of 16

Aligne, Flossy Boyfriend Blazer, £110
5 of 16

Aligne, Femi Tailored Straight Trouser, £80
6 of 16

Nobody's Child, Beth Blazer, £95
7 of 16

Nobody's Child, Beth Tailored Trouser, £65
8 of 16

Frankie Shop, Bea Twill Blazer, £294
9 of 16

Frankie Shop, Bea Twill High-Rise Pants, £195
10 of 16

Jigsaw, Portofino Linen Blazer, £200
11 of 16

Jigsaw, Portofino Linen Trouser, £125
12 of 16

Christopher John Rogers, Oversized Wool Blazer, £1,660
13 of 16

Christopher John Rogers, Pleated Wool Tapered Pants, £1,120
14 of 16

Pangaia, Organic Cotton Oversized Tailored Jacket, £255
15 of 16

Pangaia, Organic Cotton Tailored Trousers, £135
16 of 16

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