There’s A Good Reason Why Everyone Loves This Under £70 High Street Trench Coat

GAP has pulled it out of the bag.

GAP trench coat Polly Sayer

by Julia Harvey |

We're often surprised by what the latest cult favourite is, mainly down to the chaos that is viral TikTok trends. But, it's safe to say you can count on a classic. More specifically; the trench coat. A great trench is the backbone of any good wardrobe. It will see you through rain or shine, work events, out-out events, non-events and everything in-between.

Want to wear your trusty tracksuit and UGGS all day? Your trench coat will pair perfectly with them. Got your best micro mini on and not much else? Pass the trench. Off to work in a smart suit for a change? Yes, you've guessed it, your trench coat is coming too.

GAP Oversized Trench Coat nana acheampong
Nana Acheampong in GAP ©Courtesy of GAP

What we're trying to say is that there really isn't much that won't go well, or be enhanced by, a great beige trench coat.

Now, we know there are A LOT of good ones out there but this might just be our current favourite. Perfectly oversized and the ideal past-the-knee midi length, pop this over any outfit and you'll see a guaranteed improvement. If you need more convincing, fans of this trench already include Polly Sayer, Nana Acheampong and Sarah Corbett-Winder.

sarah corbett-winder
Sarah Corbett-Winder in GAP

In even better news, it's currently on sale for less than £70. It is selling quickly though, so you may not want to hang around.


BUY: Gap's Oversized Trench Coat

GAP, Oversized Trench Coat, WAS £99.95 NOW £69.97
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