Ugg Boots Are Back – Would You Wear This Controversial Noughties Trend Again?

It's like 2004 all over again... but in a good way.

Ugg boots

by Laura Antonia Jordan |

If you are a provocateur with a taste for heated discussions, allow us to add a new topic to your debate repertoire: Ugg boots are back – to wear on not to wear?

Polarising trends come and go, but Uggs remain the love-them-or-loathe-them Marmite of the fashion world. To naysayers they are a relic of the early Noughties and best left there along with the low-slung velour tracksuits (also back, if Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton have their way) they were obligatorily worn with. Ugg-phobics consider them as little more than the uniform of the hungover, carrying their sorry owners from bed to cornershop; or worse – the preserve of pashmina-and-Chelsea-tractor yummy mummies. And believe it or not, they have a royal fan club, too - well, sort of. Just take a look at Kate Middleton in a pair back in 2007.

Kate Middleton Ugg Boots
©Getty Images

But to the Ugg devotees, they never went away. For us, they’re not just cosy (well, duh) but exude an irresistible West Coast ease (they were originally designed to keep surfers’ feet warm). To us they will always be Sienna Miller at Glastonbury, not Paris Hilton at LAX. And now we find ourselves vindicated. At London Fashion Week, Molly Goddard collaborated with UGG, pairing her signature tulle creations with cosy-looking platforms and slippers in pleasingly eye-popping shades.

Molly Goddard
Molly Goddard SS21 ©Ben Broomfield

The brand’s Classic Ultra Mini Boots have also got the A-List seal of approval: Irina Shayk has pepped up the arrival of autumn in a hot pink pair. Emrata has previously been spotted in the style (classic tan, a perfect choice now she is pregnant), teaming them with a sleek leather jacket and fluro blazer. Model Joan Smalls was spotted in the same style earlier this year. Sienna and Sarah Jessica Parker have always remained loyal to theirs; Bella Hadid, Kaia Gerber and Rihanna are also fans. There’s also been the brand’s savvy collaborations with labels-to-know Eckhaus Latta and Y/Project in recent years.

Up next is Telfar. Its founder, Telfar Clemens, has just released a teaser showing the collab’s logo, where the middle ‘G’ in ‘UGG’ becomes his famous ‘TC’ insignia, and a video that has already sent the internet into a frenzy. And if you're still not sure about the boots, consider the brand's fluffy slides - Gigi Hadid loves them, as do many who have nailed their lockdown wardrobe.

Joan Smalls
Joan Smalls ©Getty

Sure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder (blah, blah) but there is something liberating about the unapologetic ugliness of Uggs. They put up no pretence of being pretty and, in that sense, there is a refreshing authenticity to them: I am what I am, they say, take it or leave it. Uggs are appealing in the same way that Crocs and clogs, Birkenstocks and Tevas are, all of which have enjoyed defiant popularity in recent years. And in a year where we've all leaned into the joys of comfort dressing, who can fail to be wooed by the idea of wearing something as toasty as slippers outside and getting away with it? Consider this a Public Service Announcement.

Irina Shayk
Irina Shayk in hot pink Mini Boots ©Getty

Much of the Ugg's appeal is rooted in the clumpiness. They can transform predictable looks into something lo-fi and cool, making them the perfect counterpoint to flippy dresses and too-short shorts. That also grants the trans-seasonal hero status. Whether you’re an eternal Ugg stan, or simply willing to try joining those of us already happily existing on the dark side, I’d also advise you keep it classic – the cut-off boots in taupe and brown are eternally popular for a reason (pastel shades can read a bit WAG).

But wherever you stand on the great Ugg debate, we can all agree on one thing: don’t even try wearing them in wet weather. That's just asking for trouble.

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