The Best Coronavirus-Themed Merch To Get You Through Christmas At Ho-Ho-Home This Year

Is Santa in your bubble?

Coronavirus Christmas Merch

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Yes, Halloween was only a few weeks ago and yes, it’s not even December yet, but does it really matter? When all anyone’s been talking about is what Christmas will look like in 2020, we say bring on the festive cheer. And with the big day only 50 days away, it’s time to get prepared.

The pandemic is inevitably going to have an impact on Christmas this year, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Instead of attending party after party until you think you’re going to drop or running around the high street along with 1,000 other people (so not socially distanced), why not spend your timeperfecting your Christmas decor? Or, better yet, catch up on the cheesy Christmas rom-coms that everyone secretly loves?

Christmas doesn’t have to be ruined, and it will definitely be something we look back on for years to come. Remember when we all wore masks to open presents? Or when Christmas dinner was actually just a giant Zoom call? This year needs to be marked, and these are the best Covid-themed Christmas items to get you through the festive period. Congratulations, you’ve almost survived Christmas 2020.


Coronavirus Christmas Merch - Grazia

Coronavirus Christmas Merch1 of 25

Semriver 2020 Christmas Ornament

Coronavirus Christmas Merch2 of 25

Personalised Elf Coronavirus/COVID Isolation Quarantine Box For Kids

Coronavirus Christmas Merch3 of 25

Wood slice Christmas decoration

Coronavirus Christmas Merch4 of 25

Pack of 10 'Elf & Safety' Christmas Cards

Coronavirus Christmas Merch5 of 25

Pack of 6 Covid Christmas 2020 Cards

Coronavirus Christmas Merch6 of 25

LXHcool 2020 Cov_id Quarantine Survivor Family of 3 Christmas Sweatshirt

Coronavirus Christmas Merch7 of 25

Funny Christmas Pandemic Card

Coronavirus Christmas Merch8 of 25

Wishstar Survived Family Ornament Xmas

Coronavirus Christmas Merch9 of 25

Fuck Off Covid - Christmas Decorations 2020

Coronavirus Christmas Merch10 of 25

Womens Christmas Top

Coronavirus Christmas Merch11 of 25

Funny 2020 Covid Christmas cards - pack of 4

Coronavirus Christmas Merch12 of 25

Baby it's c.o.v.i.d outside ugly christmas Sweatshirt

Coronavirus Christmas Merch13 of 25

2020 You'll go Down In History Shirt

Coronavirus Christmas Merch14 of 25

Rtwrtne 2020 Ornament

Coronavirus Christmas Merch15 of 25

Stay Ho Ho Home Sweatshirt

Coronavirus Christmas Merch16 of 25

The Year We All Stayed Home Christmas Decoration

Coronavirus Christmas Merch17 of 25

Santa, Jingle Bells, Snowman Mask

Coronavirus Christmas Merch18 of 25

Covid Christmas 2020, Family Matching Christmas Shirt

Coronavirus Christmas Merch19 of 25

Baby Its COVID Outside Christmas Card

Coronavirus Christmas Merch20 of 25

Merry quarantined Christmas 2020 pack Sticker

Coronavirus Christmas Merch21 of 25

Covid Xmas Tree Decoration

Coronavirus Christmas Merch22 of 25

Pack of 3 A6 Christmas Cards

Coronavirus Christmas Merch23 of 25

Covid Christmas Jumper

Coronavirus Christmas Merch24 of 25

Christmas Fairy Lights Face Mask

Coronavirus Christmas Merch25 of 25

Christmas Time Social Distancing and Wine Classic T-Shirt

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