Fleece-Lined Jeans Will Help You Brave The Snow – And They Look Exactly Like Your Normal Skinnies

Sales are up by 2,400%, so buy yours while you still can.

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by Hannah Banks-Walker |

In previous years, unaffected by such a thing as a global pandemic, chances are this time of year might have made you think about buying a new pair of boots, or perhaps you may have even started to consider your spring/summer wardrobe. Not this year. As lockdown restrictions force our social lives outside, it seems we're all desperately seeking clothes for their practicality. What will allow us to spend four hours outside on a walk with our favourite people without catching pneumonia? Well, if current reports are anything to go by, it's a pair of fleece-lined jeans.

ACAI Outdoorwear's thermal skinny jeans may be the sort of thing you once only sought if you were going camping in the depths of winter but, this year, they're one of the most coveted items of all. Forget fashion's latest trends – all anyone wants to buy right now is a pair of ACAI's Thermal Skinny Outdoor Trousers.

Since the government announced the tiered lockdown system last year, the brand has seen a 2,400% increase in orders for its winter thermal collection, with over 4,000 orders for the skinny jeans being placed in the week after Boris Johnson's announcement. No wonder, then, that the trousers have sold out in many sizes and colours – there's even a waiting list of over 2000 people that's currently growing by the day.

'Since news of the latest lockdown restrictions broke, sales of our Thermal Skinny Outdoor Trousers and wider thermal collection have gone through the roof. We’ve had to increase our order five-fold,' says Kasia Bromley, Co-Founder and Creative Director of ACAI Outdoorwear. 'Whilst we would expect to see an increase in demand for our thermal products at this time of year, last week’s figures far exceeded that of which we have ever before seen, with customers telling us they’re investing in order to be able to spend more time outdoors.'

Perhaps the appeal of these jeans in particular is that they look like any other pair of skinny jeans, meaning you don't have to sacrifice your normal style in order to achieve all of the benefits of high-performance clothing, which tends to put function over form.

ACAI Outdoorwear's khaki thermal jeans
ACAI Outdoorwear's khaki thermal jeans

' The beauty of our Thermal Skinny Outdoor Trousers is that no one would know that they are thermal,' says Bromley. 'To anyone not in the know, they simply look like a great fitting, premium skinny jean. Our products are designed to combine style and performance and empower women in the outdoors.'

Wear them with teddy bear coats, puffer jackets or any one of the high street's winter coats, which are particularly good this year. Whatever you choose to wear with them, you'll be smug in the knowledge that your skinny jeans will keep you cosy for a long walk with your best friend.

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