News We Really REALLY Want: Spice Girls Have Recorded A New Single

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We've wanted to Spice Up Our Lives for a while now, and all we've really (REALLY) wanted is to be able to Holler: 'Spice Girls are recording an anniversary single'! Because, we SO deserve one, don't we? Not least after the roller-coaster ride we've gone through...

To recap: first off, there were reports suggesting an anniversary tour was in the pipeline but – [holds back tears] – Victoria wouldn't be involved. Then reports emerged that – SHOCK HORROR – neither would Mel C. Next, there was news of a spat between Mel B and Mel C, and later, the former revealed a tour would happen, just not this year... And so it goes on.

The most recent news is that a 'thank you for being our fans' PARTY is going to happen sometime...

spice girls reunion
Such GEMs they are! ©GEM


In addition to that (sorta) confirmation of a reunion, some exciting 'other' news has come to light: Mel B, Geri Halliwell and Emma Bunton have penned a brand – new – song.

It's their first single in 9 years. And they've called it: 'Song For Her'.

We know, RIGHT?!

Featuring lyrics such as 'Wipe up your tears of doubt you have been crying, lift up your dreams feel like you’re flying, never forget the girl is the woman you are,' the song is said to refer to the three ladies' feelings of losing their 'Spice' identities now that they are mothers.

It will not be released under the name 'GEM' – which Geri, Emma and Mel gave themselves in their reunion video – meaning it is still very much a Spice Girls song, a source told The Sun.

'Obviously the girls have been recording in the studio over the past few months,' the source revealed. 'The plan is very much for there to be new music.

'It will not be released under the GEM name that they gave themselves in their announcement, this is still very much the Spice Girls.

'It’s a Spice Girls song through and through and it’s something millions of their fans will be able to relate to having grown up with them.

'You can guarantee as soon as it’s released they will be back at the top of the charts where they belong, with or without Mel C or Victoria.'

Readers, it's been a long old wait, but it looks like we might finally be getting somewhere. Fingers firmly crossed.

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