The Spice Girls Reunion Is ON Again: See The Video

It IS what we want, what we really, really want.

Spice Girls

by Rebecca Cox |
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It was on, it was off, it was on, it was off again. But now it’s official.

Just when we thought the Spice Girls reunion was off the table for good, the girls have confirmed their 20th anniversary reunion with a video.

Well, three of them have, at least.

As previously reported, Victoria Beckham and Mel C were reluctant to get involved with the girl group’s reunion plans, and now it’s been made official as Geri, Emma and Mel B have released a video teasing their reunion plan.

And it seems that they have renamed themselves ‘Gem’. The plot thickens. Watch the video below.

The girls dropped the video on YouTube yesterday, but are yet to reveal what form the reunion will take, with most guessing at a tour or one-off gig for fans.

On 3rd July, we wrote...

Just when we thought this country couldn’t have one more piece of distressing news to deal with, the Spice Girls have gone and canned their reunion plans.

While fans have been eagerly awaiting a reunion tour announcement for the band’s 20th anniversary, it’s thought that talks between the former bandmates have broken down.

As previously reported, Victoria Beckham and Mel C were not keen to take part in the tour, and for a time it was even rumoured that Geri, Emma and Mel B would draft in replacements for the two no-shows.

But according to sources, it’s all over. The Spice Girls will not be staging a reunion tour.

“Mel C has been telling friends it’s not happening – not for the anniversary and not next year,” a source told The Mirror.

“She’s not interested in revisiting the band, and neither is Victoria.

“Their decision has made it impossible for the other three to go ahead with plans to tour again.

"They know it wouldn’t be quite the same to get on stage as a threesome.

"Doing it without Victoria would have been a shame but might have been a possibility, but two missing is too many.

“The Spice Girls’ last reunion worked because it was all five of them and they gave their fans what they wanted.

“This feels a bit more like it would be cheating the fans, and none of them want to do that.”

So not only are the Spice Girls not reforming, we’re no longer in with a shot of joining the band. Double blow.

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