Hailey And Justin Are Having A Second Wedding And Here’s Everything You’ll Want To Know

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are obviously on the guest list

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

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After their quickie secret wedding in New York last September, it appeared to be all systems go for Justin and Hailey Bieber’s ‘proper do’ at the start of March. But just days after the save-the- date cards had been sent out, the couple’s big plans came to a grinding halt last week.

According to US sources, Justin and Hailey have postponed the celebration after ‘too many loved ones couldn’t make it’. ‘Justin and Hailey initially panicked, but it dawned on them – they’re already married, so there’s no rush.’ Indeed, with a new date currently being reorganised, what can we expect from Hollywood’s youngest A-list power couple?

The ceremony will be a ‘traditional affair’ attended by friends including Scooter Braun, Ariana Grande, Tom Hanks and Carly Rae Jepsen, an insider told Grazia. The Baldwin clan are also expected to attend, along with Kylie Jennerand Travis Scott. True to form, the Hollywood lovebirds are keeping further details under wraps. But, according to our source, Hailey wants a seaside wedding. ‘Hailey loves the idea of having an outdoorsy ceremony along the Californian coast. It will be somewhere idyllic and exclusive.

‘They’ve been looking at a number of locations and hired an events team to put all the plans in place. Hailey’s had proper dress fittings with two different designers because she felt as though everything was so rushed last time. She wants a traditional look with a modern twist.’ So why are Hollywood’s new favourite couple getting married again? According to sources, Hailey and Justin have always wanted a ‘proper Christian ceremony’ and won’t feel truly married until they’ve said their vows ‘under the eyes of God’.

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Justin’s renewed relationship with his pastor, Carl Lentz, may also be a factor. Carl, the senior pastor at Hillsong Church, New York, was said to have fallen out with Justin over his speedy relationship with Hailey. ‘He was not on-board and was very vocal to Justin that the pair had rushed into things,’ said our source. ‘But last year Justin made amends with Carl. They all spent New Year’s Eve together in Hawaii, which is when they decided Justin should start again by doing the wedding properly, with his extended family members involved.’

Justin, 24, and Hailey, 22, who have been friends since 2009, both had Christian upbringings and attend Hillsong Church, also frequented by Selena Gomez(Justin’s ex). Rumours of their relationship started to circulate when they were photographed together at the church in 2014, along with Kendall Jenner. The couple appeared to cool things off after a few intimate Instagram posts, but in June 2018 speculation was reignited when they were seen kissing on Brooklyn Bridge. Since then, the couple have been very public about their affection on social media.

The Biebers’ first ceremony came just a month after Hailey and Justin were pictured crying in New York (eyebrows were raised as to whether their relationship was in trouble). Now, however, the tears seem well and truly behind them. In the words of Hailey’s cousin Ireland, ‘They’re perfect for each other.

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