Justin Bieber Cried At The Notebook Too

Justin and James Corden sang, laughed, got dressed up and tried to outsmart the paps on their carpool journey around LA...

Justin Bieber Cried At The Notebook Too

by Sophie Wilkinson |

Remember all the floods of tears you felt splashing down your face that The Notebook gave you all those years ago? And again last week when you had a little nostalgic watch of it? Well, Justin Bieber shares all those feels, as he explained to James Corden that he too cried when he watched the Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams romcom.

‘I did cry, I’m an emotional guy, man,’ he said.

James responded: ‘It’s a beautiful film.’

‘Thank you… thanks,’ Bieber responded.

‘I love that you said “Thank you” like you had anything to do with making it!’ James laughed, to which Bieber could say nothing but a simple: ‘Well… fuck!’

They also chatted silly shirt dresses and sang tenderly together to Alanis Morrisette’s Ironic, as well as trying on some outfits and then, of course, talking about that dickpic of Justin.

Starting off serious, Justin explained: ‘It definitely felt like, really invasive. It’s funny to joke about it now because what else can you do but laugh about it?’

Well, apart from sue!

‘But when I first saw the picture it was covered, it had the censorship on it and I’m like, “Oh my god I don’t know what, I could’ve just come out of the water, I could’ve had shrinkage!”

‘I was nervous at this point so I found the unedited thing I’m like: “I’m still pissed because it’s still shrinkage”.’

To much canned laughter, James then shrieked, ‘There’s no way there’s shrinkage!’

This second carpool outing reminds us of the first time we saw Justin in the carpool a few months back, a moment which got us thinking, ‘Could he actually be pretty alright?’ And now? Well, his appearance on the carpool – on top of the catchy house songs he’s got coming out (try not moving to Sorry) – might actually have sealed the deal for us!

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