Is Kylie Jenner The Kardashians’ (And Humanity’s) Best Last Hope?

Keeping her pregnancy out of the public eye was an informed, logical decision about emotional wellbeing? Who'd have thought it...

Is Kylie Jenner The Kardashians' (And Humanity's) Best Last Hope?

by Georgia Aspinall |
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Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy was a rough time for us all, the confusion, the endless hope that we would be proven right or wrong – that she was in fact pregnant (only to be disappointed by a bullshit facetime on KUWTK and a disappointing Christmas card finale), and most of all, the cynicism. I’m not going to lie to you, I was a full-fledged skeptic when it came to Kylie’s pregnancy- whether she wasn’t or was pregnant, there was no doubt in my mind that it was all a ginormous publicity stunt.

Weren’t we all quite cynical? This is the Kardashians we’re talking about, they use divorce as a season finale, traumatic robberies as a series teaser and sex tapes as platforms for fame (not that we’re judging, live your best life Kim). But despite what we know of them, the idea that this was a PR stunt felt like a new low. The concern that Kylie’s pregnancy was another of Kris’s masterplans, that she was using her 20-year old daughter’s obviously unplanned pregnancy to hike up views on their reality show was especially disappointing (well, as disappointed as you can be about a family that literally has zero impact on your life).

Throughout the last nine months, there’s been endless office discussions around the world about how Kylie, in some huge, money grabbing way, was going to reveal the truth. And then last night, we were all proven wrong.

Kylie announced her pregnancy via Instagram with a heartfelt video of the last nine months, and suddenly my faith in humanity was restored. Ok, tad dramatic, but still- WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT IT? A genuine, real reason for wanting to keep her pregnancy private? We ought to hang our heads in shame for thinking any different.

And now that I really think about it, it all makes perfect sense. Kylie is the only Kardashian, save a few Kendall comments, that has openly stated time and time again how uncomfortable she is with fame. In her own reality-show, Life of Kylie, she talks about wanting to run away and escape the immense pressure she feels to constantly be in the public eye. Her makeup brand is built on her social media following, on her always looking impeccable, and she’s told us more than once how, as much as she enjoys her successes, it’s often overwhelming for her.

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Of course, she’s played the game to her advantage and is by no means innocent. She may have been born into fame but she’s not exactly made it her mission to keep her life private. Yet, for a young woman striving to be as successful as her sisters, you have to acknowledge that her only model for success is fame. Without academic role models, whose success is built from being a scholar or high-flyer in a professional industry, her vision of success growing up was centered around being as famous as possible.

And now she’s achieved that level of success, she says it herself, it doesn’t make her happy. On her season opening of Life of Kylie, she tells us, ‘I'm so blessed that I've got to experience this at such a young age and learn that, so now I can find what really is gonna make me happy.’

It’s remembering all of this in hindsight that I wonder why we’re all in utter shock at the fact she’s actually made a normal, logical decision about her life and emotional wellbeing. She gave us all the clues, we we’re just too busy judging her online persona to see that she is actually quite a well-rounded person (am I being dramatic again?).

Honestly, it’s a breath of fresh air in a family who continues the running joke that their mum is only interested in their 10% profit from publicity stunts. The youngest, and arguably most famous, Kardashian/Jenner, is actually the most down-to-earth. And who knows? If her 2016 interview with Allure is anything to go by, she might continue this closed-door lifestyle now that she’s had her baby. She told them:

‘Once I have a kid I'm not going to be on Instagram. You know, I'll probably delete my Instagram and just … I don't know, live life.’

So, will it just be makeup selfies on Kylie Cosmetics and KUWTK promos from now on? Honestly, hopefully. I wasn’t exaggerating when I said she has given me faith back in humanity, in a world where literally EVERYTHING looks to be a PR stunt (and we have insider access here in the office) I have never been happier to be proven wrong.

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