The Best Lelo Sex Toys For A New Type Of Self-Care

Sexual gratification, at its finest.

best LELO sex toys

by Marina Avraam |

Sex toy or piece of art? That is the question when it comes to LELO's artfully designed, and utterly pleasurable sex toys.

Mastering the art of female pleasure, the Stockholm-born brand is synonymous with high-end, luxury sex toys designed to deliver endless (and we mean endless) pleasure. LELO also places great emphasis on design, meaning your vibrator could also double as decor for your bedroom. Pro tip? Just make sure no one gets their hands on it...

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Gone are the days of the taboo; masturbation and self-pleasure are an important part of our lives, relieving stress and improving our overall wellbeing. Orgasms are mood-boosters, leading to healthier sleeping patterns and alleviating pain, and LELO toys are notorious for providing orgasms - in excess.

Apart from using them during solo play, sex toys can also be incorporated during sex with a partner to help spice things up. If you're new to the world of sex toys or still feeling a little unsure, we've spoken to the experts over at LELO, to answer a few of our pressing questions.

What is the best toy for a complete beginner?

"If you are starting out with sex toys for the first time, then choose something small and simple and you can always upgrade to a more intense, varied or larger toy once you have gained some confidence. Modern sex toys typically have multiple settings which allow you to play around with sensations and explore what you like easily when you are starting out, so that's also something to look for."

What is the best way to introduce toys, if you aren't sure your partner will be into this kind of play?

"Talk about it before, don't just spring it on them. Talk to your partner about you trying something new together, a sex toy is a perfect compliment to couple play as it adds in a different sensation that either or both of you can be in control of it at all times, and importantly the focus is on pleasure so it can be a real turn on for you both seeing each other having a good time. We know that creating variation in our sex lives is also good for desire, and so communicating to your partner that this is something for both of you, not in any way to replace one of you is important."

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So, whether you're well versed in sex toys or a total newbie, LELO's large arsenal of sex toys means there's something for everyone. From clitoral massagers to dual vibrators, LELO's toys create toe-curling sensations that'll have you wanting more and more.


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SONAu2122 Black
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LELO's Sona clitoral massager is so popular, that it's practically reached cult status. Using sonic waves, the massager pulses and stimulates the entire clitoris, not just the external part. It features eight different settings to help you find the perfect sensation and is 100 per cent waterproof meaning it can be used in the shower and hot tub, too.FeaturesVibration: Sonic waves and pulses to stimulate the entire clitorisWaterproofPower source: RechargeableSize: 115 x 50 x 56mmMaterial: ABS Plastic/SiliconeUser Time: Up to 1hReview: "My hubby bought this as a gift for me/us. I was a little sceptical at first but WOW. With a little practice, this is THE BEST toy I've ever used. Multiple orgasms and just over the top pleasure. I have already recommended this product to my friends and even told my gyno about it!"

INAu2122 2
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Reviewers vouch for the orgasmic powers of the INA rabbit massager, which combines clitoral and G-spot orgasms for ultimate. bliss. It offers 30 per cent more power and comes with eight pleasure settings for the sexual awakening you've been waiting for. FeaturesVibration: Eight pleasure settings, two motorsWaterproofPower source: RechargeableSize: 200 x 62 x 33mmMaterial: ABS Plastic/SiliconeUser Time: Up to 2hrsReview: "My friend recommended this and I love it! She swears by their products and I can tell why. This is soft to the touch and has so many speeds and patterns, I could literally switch it up every time!"

MIAu2122 2
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If you're looking to be discrete, the MIA massager is all you need. From the outside, it looks like nothing more than lipstick, but the global bestseller possesses hidden powers. The shape is specifically moulded to target the clit, and the USB charger makes it perfect for on the go.FeaturesVibration: Six pleasure settingsWaterproofPower source: RechargeableSize: 111 x 22 x 22mmMaterial: ABS Plastic/SiliconeUser Time: Up to 1.5hrsReview: "Really like the feel and shape of this one. Love the power it has too, and it's pretty quiet too. Wish there were more products that packed this much."

TIANIu2122 3 Cerise
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Find new ways to enjoy sex with the Tiani; the remote-controlled couples massager which provides double the pleasure. Vibrating both internally and externally, the Tiani enhances the sensation of sex for both you and your partner, for a truly transcendental sexual experience.FeaturesVibration: Eight pleasure settings, whisper quietWaterproofPower source: Rechargeable and batteriesSize: 78 x 44.5 x 32 mm / Insertable Length: 78.2mmMaterial: Body-safe silicone/ABSUser Time: Up to 2hrsReview: "My husband and I love it! Something for both of us! It fits well and is easy to charge with the USB connection. We highly recommend this well-made product!!"

SILAu2122 Lilac
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Inspired by the favourite SONA clitoral massager, the SILA features eight sonic waves of intensity to stimulate your clit, while the bigger, softer mouth will tease your climax, helping you build your sexual experience further. FeaturesVibration: Eight modes of rotation and pulsingWaterproofPower source: RechargeableSize: 80 x 75 x 35 mmMaterial: ABS Plastic/SiliconeUser Time: Up to 2hrsReview: "This was my first external vibrator and I love the suction and vibration combo. I have to start things at the low end because it is overwhelming at the stronger settings. Good way to get the party started."

Smart Wand Medium Black
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Embark on a journey of self-love with LELO's Smart wand massager. It offers eight different massage patterns to help release tension in your muscles, awakening all your erogenous zones and taking things to the next level.FeaturesVibration: Eight modes WaterproofPower source: RechargeableSize: 220 x 58 x 43 mmMaterial: ABS Plastic/SiliconeUser Time: Up to 2hrs**Review: "**All the features listed are true. We use this as a couple and have not been disappointed yet! Very nice and elegant design. Higher quality sex toy with premium material."

ENIGMAu2122 Deep Rose
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The award-winning dual-action sonic massager is designed to arouse both your clit and G-spot, for an experience so pleasurable - you may actually leave your body. Offering gentle pulsations, the ENIGMA will titillate all the right places for an experience you'll never forget.FeaturesVibration: Eight pleasure settingsWaterproofPower source: RechargeableSize: 100 x 50 x 185 mm / Insertable length: 140 mmMaterial: ABS Plastic/SiliconeUser Time: Up to 2hrsReview: "I've had this for a couple of weeks now and all I can say is- yes!! If you're on the fence, jump now!! I'm incredibly excited with this toy. It's my second Lelo toy and I'm hooked. It's my favourite toy yetu2026 it's a BIG home run for sure!!"

SORAYAu2122 2 Aqua , £190
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Another favourite for dual stimulation, the Soraya rabbit vibrator combines power and precision to get you to that sweet spot, time and time again. The Soraya 2 has been redesigned to target the G-spot in as many women as possible and is fully flexible to adapt to every body type.FeaturesVibration: 12 pleasure settingsWaterproofPower source: RechargeableSize: 220 x 76 x 45mm / Insertable length: 110mmMaterial: ABS Plastic/SiliconeUser Time: Up to 4hrsReview: "I purchased this a few months ago and it has been endless pleasure. The power and speed control gives waves of excitement while the thickness and length are perfect for pleasure inside. A must buy!!!!"

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