Ever Wondered If The Love Islanders Get Secret Beauty Treatments? We Have The Answers

From fresh manicures to root touch-ups and hair extensions, we delve behind the scenes

Love Island beauty appointments

by Annie Vischer |

Do Love Island contestants get taken to secret beauty appointments during filming? It's the question that now continues to raise its head season after season. It's not something that was ever pondered in the vintage years. Viewers became used to seeing Islanders looking increasingly bedraggled as the series progressed, as bleached roots grew out, as false lashes fell out and as acrylic nails came off. Someone's definitely shaken things up in recent years though. Remember when Dani Dyer's hair changed colour completely mid-season-four? When Molly-Mae appeared on screen with countless fresh new manicures in season five? Or when Millie Court's HD brows returned for the finale of season seven?

Do Love Island contestants get manicures and beauty treatments during filming?

Something's definitely afoot, and a few Love Island insiders have broken their silence on the subject recently, too. Season five's Lucy Donlan, for example, said in an interview with Capital FM, 'Every two or three weeks we’d have nails, hair, that kind of thing done. And we’d get a Maccies as well.' Consider your suspicions officially confirmed.

Love Island's host Laura Whitmore also told OK!, 'on Saturday, when there is no show on, their eyelashes and acrylic nails get redone,' a fact former Love Islander Kady McDermott corroborated when she told the same title that she'd had her nails done while inside. Whitmore also noted that while she's unsure whether spray tans were part and parcel of the secret beauty treatment shebang, the islanders definitely faked their summer glows regularly inside the villa. She told OK!, 'I always thought [the dressing room] must be really messy, and they had this blue carpet and it was stained with fake tan everywhere and I was like, "I knew it!"'.

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