Wait, Have Love Island’s Millie Court And Liam Reardon Split?

'Liam giving off red flags again,' one social media sleuth wrote online.

Liam Reardon and Millie Court

by Marianna Manson |

Leave it to the internet’s stealthiest sleuthers to be the first to sniff out a potential Love Island split.

This time it’s 2021 winners Liam Reardon and Millie Court who are under scrutiny, with fans sharing concern after noticing that Liam has been spending a lot of time in his native Wales away from Millie and the £1m Essex home they’ve recently moved into.

Other fans pointed out that the couple hadn’t uploaded any pictures of themselves together since the ASOS beauty awards back in February, and Liam has even been spotted following a slew of female models on Instagram.

‘They seem to be spending more and more time apart as well he's back in Wales a lot which is absolutely fine but I fear he's just not settling as easy in Essex,’ wrote one concern fan online.

‘He also hasn't posted a picture with her in over a month, which is pretty unusual for his feed,’ agreed another. ‘He even posted pictures of himself at the Asos Beauty Awards alone even though they attended together.’

Another accused Liam of giving off ‘red flags’ and wrote, ‘Hope I'm wrong as I'd feel so bad for poor Millie but he is constantly following other girls like blue tick girls or models who aren't following him.’

Despite eventually going on to win the show and the £50k prize money, Liam first fell out of favour with Love Island fans after he swiftly had his head turned by Lillie Haynes during Casa Amor and notoriously told Lillie, ‘I’m looking forward to going to bed because you’ll be next to me.’ just hours after leaving Millie in the main villa.

Liam eventually chose Millie after the OG housemates reunited - following heartbreaking scenes of Millie reacting to the news of his infidelities - but the damage had already been done to his public reputation.

So, what's the official word? These are just internet assumptions after all - whose to say Liam isn't just enjoying family time in Wales and hasn't thought to post a loved-up PDA pick in checks notes... three weeks? Hardly seems like grounds for a definitive split rumour to us.

Well, while neither Millie or Liam have commented directly on their alleged split, she did appear to squash the rumours after commenting on Liam’s recent photo shoot in his pants, ‘Someone save me I just fainted x’ and resharing the picture on her Instagram story alongside a series of thirsty emojis.

Liam also took to his Instagram story to share a glimpse of him and Millie enjoying a night in as they munched on grapes in front of the telly.

So, there you have it - never assume guys, love after Love Island may still be alive and well.

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