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Dani Dyer Tells All About Her First Ever Fashion Collection

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We Asked Dani Dyer All The Questions You’ve Been Googling

The rumours were true, _Love Island’s_ Dani Dyer did have a secret project up her sleeve, but sadly it’s not a reality TV show with her dad Danny Dyer and boyfriend Jack Fincham. Put that concept on ice, because we’re excited to tell you that she is launching her first fashion collection with In The Style.

‘It’s been such an amazing process and I’ve been involved from the very start drawing out all my ideas on paper’, she tells Grazia, ‘I really wanted it to be a reflection of the stuff I like though, I don’t like things that are too tight or too much cleavage so I made sure that I showed that in the collection. I just want girls to feel beautiful, confident and comfortable in my clothes.’

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‘It was actually really hard and takes a long time!’ Dani said of the design process, ‘But I loved doing it.’ There are leopard print and snakeskin playsuits for night’s out and jeans and knit’s for daytime, so while Dani’s may not think she’s a natural couturier, she has an eye for what her cohort want to wear. With sizes ranging from 4 to 23, Dani was keen to make this collection as inclusive as possible.

While we had time with Dani we thought we’d ask her all the questions you’ve been Googling...

What is the one fashion item you wear the most?

‘I love my fur coats! I like feeling comfortable and they’re the best, so cosy.’

What is your favourite fashion accessory?

‘It depends on where I’m going really, if it’s somewhere really dressy then I love a good pair of heels. If it’s somewhere more chilled then I love a nice oversized hoodie and some knee-high boots like how Ariana Grande wears them’.

Dani Dyer, What Do Your Mum And Dad Think Of The Collection?

‘They love it! They know how hard I worked on it. My mum has her eye on quite a few of the pieces, which is so nice because it shows that everyone can wear my collection.’

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Dani, Are You Close With Your Mum?

‘Oh so close! My mum had me really young so we’re kinda like best mates really. I can tell her anything and I love her to pieces. She’s a top lady, my mum.’

Dani, Do You And Your Mum Have A Similar Fashion Sense?

‘Yeah definitely. She’s basically one of my mates so I’ve definitely taken bits of her style. Her fashion sense is really good and she knows how to put things together really well.’

Dani, When You’re Dressing To Impress, Is It For Your Friends Or Jack?

‘I love going out with my girls and looking nice. When you look good you feel good so, if anything, I do it for myself. I really like seeing my friends looking all fit and dressed-up, it’s nice when your girls compliment you too so I do like to wear things that I think they’ll like as well. Jack loves me however I dress but when we go out to launches or something then, yeah, I’ll dress up a bit more.’

Dani, When Did You Know You Were In Love With Jack?

‘When you know you just know! He just makes me so happy and I feel so comfortable around him. We’re like best mates and we have a right laugh.’

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What Is Dani Dyer’s Twitter Handle


How Old Is Dani Dye?


How Does Dani Dyer Celebrate Her Birthday?

’I love to celebrate with my family first, maybe go for a nice dinner or get a good takeaway. I love going out with my mates too though so it’s always a mix of being with my friends and family, and now Jack of course!’

Why did Dani Dyer Go On Love Island?

’I wanted to find love – who doesn’t! It’s a great way to find someone because you get so close to people in there, way more than you would in the outside world because you’re with them 24/7. So you can test whether you proper like someone or if it’s just lust.’

Did Dani Dyer Win Love Island

Yes! The press and public have mused that Dani changed reality TV. Without airs, graces Dani stole the nation's heart (and attention) with her strong moral compass and common decency. Dani set a new reality TV standard.

Where Does Dani Dyer Come From...

East London