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Caroline Hirons

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A series of lockdowns has sparked a skincare revival. A report by beauty brand Foreo found that 96% of consumers would now rather invest in skincare than make-up, while Google searches for ‘skincare at home’ have shot up by more than 100% since February 2020. It’s a renewed obsession that aesthetician turned beauty influencer Caroline Hirons has been quick to clock. ‘People are beginning to engage with their skin again, they’re able to see the benefits of taking care of it,’ says Caroline, who, due to popular demand, recently published a book on the subject, called Skincare, £20, which has just received the accolade of lifestyle book of the year at the British book awards.

Shop: Caroline Hirons' Book Skincare


Shop: Caroline HIrons' Book Skincare

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If you're looking for straight-talking skincare advice that cuts out the waffle, this is the beauty bible for you. Globally qualified advanced aesthetician (trained in over 100 brands), Caroline Hirons seriously knows her stuff when it comes to skincare. From demystifying ingredients to learning how to create a routine that works for you, Caroline offers frank and sound advice for every skincare concern going. This will totally transform your beauty regime.

With many of us having ditched make-up during lockdown, we are still in the process of getting reacquainted with our skin. And Caroline is the woman who legions of fans turn to for beauty advice. Her straight-talking blog, videos and honest opinions have amassed a huge audience – 411K Instagram followers and 213K YouTube subscribers. Which makes sense. As a globally qualified advanced aesthetician (trained in over 100 brands), Caroline knows her stuff. While she doesn’t pull any punches about products she feels lack substance, she is vocal about the buys she knows truly do their job. Here, she reveals her failsafe skincare rules.

1. Cleanse Every Night

‘That doesn’t mean use a face wipe. It means properly wash your skin every night without fail. Double cleansing is key if you’re wearing an SPF or make-up. I start with a balm then use a cleansing milk.’

Caroline HIrons
©Caroline HIrons

2. Start Your Nightly Skin Routine Early

‘Your night-time skin routine should start as soon as you’re through the door. I see a lot of people get home, fix their dinner and sit in their make-up all night. They do their skincare routine right before they go to bed. If you do it as soon as you get in, all of those actives you’ve invested in get to work on your skin while you’re sitting watching Netflix. It’s all about forming good habits.’

3. Use A High SPF Daily

‘Use a broad spectrum SPF 50 every day. It will save your skin so much damage further down the line, it’s really worth the investment. All signs of ageing are exacerbated by the sun.’

4. Prioritise Skincare

‘Equate your skincare spend to the amount you’d pay for a pair of shoes or a bag. I am forever politely pointing out to people on Instagram who ask me to recommend the best cheap cleanser or moisturiser that they have three Prada handbags on their feed. I’m not suggesting you spend £700 on skincare, but I am the wrong person to ask for cheap product recommendations if you buy designer accessories. When people want to spend more on sunglasses than they do on their face, that’s a problem.’

5. Spend On Actives

‘If you want to budget, spend your money in the middle part of your skincare routine. That means your serum, retinoids, actives. Actives deserve a higher price point. I don’t mean that your cleanser and moisturiser need to be cheap, but they certainly don’t have to be as expensive as a good serum.’

6. Do Not Smoke

‘People think that great skin is all about skincare but it’s about what you do to yourself too. Do not smoke. It destroys your collagen, depletes the oxygen levels in your skin and in doing so hinders nutrients getting to it too. It’s atrocious for your skin. I can’t emphasise that enough.’

7. Eat Well

'I’m not saying don’t have a little bit of what you fancy, but you could start by taking a probiotic. It’s something most skin experts agree on, from dermatologists to GPs to health specialists. Not eating well shows on your skin. Sugar, in particular, has a big effect. Sugar causes glycation, a process that destroys collagen.’

8. Use A Good Vitamin C

‘Use a good quality vitamin C daily. It’s great for day wear because the antioxidants help ward off the damage caused by pollution. It’s also great for use in the evening because of its repair function – just don’t mix with retinol, they don’t work well together. Use an oil-based vitamin C product if you want an instant glow and all stable vitamin C products help boost your collagen production. It’s important to use it topically since supplements come with no guarantee that they’ll make it to your skin.’

9. Avoid Stress

Get enough sleep and try to avoid stress. I always acknowledge that that’s easier said than done. When you are stressed your skin is the last thing your system worries about. Added to that stress causes inflammation. Find what makes you calm.’

10. If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It

‘If what you are doing works for your skin, don’t listen to people like me. I am not trying to change what people do if it is working. Why would I get involved? I come in when people are unhappy with their skin and need a little boost. Except for if you’re still using face wipes to cleanse. I’m stepping in at that point.’

‘Skincare’ by Caroline Hirons (HQ, HarperCollins) is out now in hardback, eBook and audiobook. Shop it here on

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