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Create a spa-like experience at home a facial steamer.

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We've seen a mass of new beauty tech devices come into the industry in recent years - and when it comes to skincare, only you know what really works for you. Enter: the traditional beauty gadget you may have once dismissed, the facial steamer.

Proving to be in-demand, searches for ‘face steamer’ are up 50% on Google and searches for ‘Are facial steamers good for your skin?’ are up a whopping 250%. If you're serious about skincare then you may have already experienced one where traditional skin steaming treatments can easily be found in a spa or salon, an age-old cleansing technique used during a facial to remove debris and make extraction easier. Thankfully, there are a myriad of facial steamers out there that can do the job (mostly) as well from the comfort of your sofa.

Grazia's best facial steamers shortlist:

Best overall facial steamer: Panasonic EH-XS01 Facial Steamer

Best mist facial steamer: Sarah Chapman Pro Hydro-Mist Steamer

Best basic facial steamer: EZBASICS Face Steamer Professional

From LED face masks to those nifty pore openers on the market, there's no messing around when it comes to techy choices in the beauty industry. But when it comes to facial steamers, the science is simple – they heat up distilled water to produce steam that opens up your pores. Anything you apply post-steam will then penetrate further as pores are more open, so think of getting out your facial cleansing brushes with serums and moisturisers to make a real impact.

Whether you’re after a professional-grade facial steamer like Sarah Chapman's Pro Hydro-Mist Steamer, £138, or want a more affordable option like the Rio Facial Sauna & Steamer, £24.99, we have you covered with our curated edit below.

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Best overall facial steamer

Panasonic EH-XS01 Facial Steamercurrent body
Price: £105 (was £129.99)


Using nano-sized particles, the Panasonic Facial Steamer EH-XS01 will get deep into your pores and


  • Deep cleansing with nano-sized particles, reaching into pores and leaving skin soft
  • Easy to use
  • Stimulating collagen production for younger-looking skin


  • Only used for facial steaming

Best mist facial steamer

Sarah Chapman Pro Hydro-Mist Steamerlook fantastic


This compatible and portable device is powered by ultra-advanced ionic technology to improve your


  • Five-minute timer for easy use
  • Compact and portable
  • Nano-sized particles penetrate skin deeper


  • Can be intense if you're not used to it

Best basic facial steamer

EZBASICS Face Steamer Professionalamazon
Price: £42.99


This facial steamer improves cell vitality and oxygen absorption through the skin for a


  • Comes with five stainless steel skin kit for blemishes and blackheads
  • Affordable choice
  • Design with aromatherapy in mind


  • A less popular choice

Best affordable facial cleanser

MAGNITONE London SteamAhead Hydrating Facial Micro Steamer look fantastic


This affordable facial steamer is ideal for both congested and dry skin, where deionised


  • Dismantles for easy storage
  • Suitable for use with essential oils
  • Affordable choice


  • Can be too simple

Best facial cleanser with steam inhaler

Rio Facial Sauna Spa amazon

Rrp: £25.00

Price: £25.00
Alternative retailers
Beauty Expert£24.99View offer£24.99View offer
Lookfantastic£24.99View offer
JD Williams£24.99View offer


Achieve spa-like results at home with this easy-to-use steamer that comes complete with a full


  • Interchangeable steam inhaler for instant relief from sinus congestion
  • Aromatherapy oils can be added
  • Easy-to-use


  • Simple design

How to use a facial steamer?

Cleanse: start by using a cleanser to remove makeup and daily grime. You can also exfoliate your face before using the facial steamer if you feel your skin needs it. Popular choices have included the Foreo Luna cleanser and facial cleansing brushes.

Fill Water Tank: make sure you use distilled water to fill it up rather than tap water. This will be the water that is evaporated to produce the steam. Using tap water will steam minerals onto your skin and can also clog up your steamer over time.

Steam Your Face: turn on your steamer, and situate yourself around eight inches from the steam, allowing the steam to fall all over your face. Depending on your skin type and how it reacts to the steam will depend on how long you use it for. Start by using it for two minutes to see how your skin feels. If it is irritated then stop there, but if it feels comfortable, continue for up to 10 minutes.

Face Mask: once you've used the facial steamer, it's a good idea to use a face mask while the pores have been opened. A clay peel is ideal for oily skin types as it will help draw impurities out from the pores. This can also be followed up by a serum.

Moisturise: always finish your routine with a hydrating moisturiser to lock in the hydration from steaming.

Repeat this once a week for best results, but always check how your skin reacts to determine how often works for you.

What are the benefits of face steaming?

There are so many benefits of face steaming. Firstly, it will soften and open up the pores, making it easier to remove debris and exfoliate your skin. Secondly, steaming can remove excess sebum - a major culprit of blackheads.

Another main benefit of facial steaming is that it increases blood circulation to the skin. The warmth of the steam causes you to sweat but more importantly, it raises the skin’s temperature which will allow oxygen to flow to the surface, giving the skin new nutrients.

Hydration is also a major benefit. Top tip? Lock in the moisture within 60 seconds of steaming by applying a serum or moisturiser (or both).

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