Mums Are Angry About The Latest TikTok Beauty Trend, Which Suggests Under-Eye Concealer Is Dead

The internet has declared under-eye concealer to be no more – but why?

under-eye concealer is dead

by Verity Clark |
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As a beauty editor I spend my days trying to convince the other (non-beauty) journalists on my team that internet-born beauty trends are a thing. From the return offrosted lips and the secret to Kim Kardashian’s mega ponytailto Anne Hathaway using a hair pin to plump up her lips (yes, really) there are certain corners of the internet (read: beautytok) that churn out new ways to do beauty at alarming speed. Some are bonkers, some are brilliant and all are received with one of two reactions; approval or amusement. Except this week, I was met with a new reaction. Outrage. This week, I broke  the - very important -  news that TikTok has declared that undereye concealer is dead. Over, kaput, no more.

I thought my argument was sound; a cultural shift towards embracing so called ‘imperfections’ has seen a move away from heavy, full-face make-up towards lighter coverage, people are even showing off the actual shadows underneath their eyes because why should they hide them? Hurrah! Rather than the anticipated cheers and chants of ‘ding dong the concealer is gone’, however, I was met instead with, well, silence.

And then noise erupted. ‘I’m a new mum, I look knackered’; ‘I’ve had two hours sleep, there’s no way I’m coming to the office without concealer on’; ‘Putting make-up on helps me feel like me’; ‘Whoever says concealer is dead clearly doesn’t have kids’. In other words, there was total uproar.

Herein lies the problem with trying to make TikTok trends viable for the masses. This particular social platform is largely inhabited by the yoof. They can crawl into bed at 5am and bounce out again at 8am, all bright-eyed and glowy-skinned.

‘As a mum of a 14-month-old who still doesn't sleep through, I can confidently say that this is a TikTok trend I'll never be on board with,’ says Joely Walker, Grazia’s head of beauty. ‘Of course we should all wear as little or as much make-up as we like, but I for one will never deny myself the godly powers of an under-eye concealer that can partially mask a broken night of five hours sleep.’

She’s got a point. Makeup isn’t just some horrible patriarchal tool designed to hide bits of ourselves away. It’s there for us to reach for when we’re feeling a bit ‘off’, when we need a pick me up and want to feel our best, or at least better.

To paraphrase Marilyn Monroe, give a girl the right concealer and she can conquer the world – or at least the nursery run.

How to fake a full night's sleep:

If you are looking for a way to brighten your complexion after a sleepless night, there's one product which might help. ‘NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is the stuff of dreams (if I had the chance to have them) and blends in seamlessly over the top of skincare,' says Walker. 'Dot around your under-eye (going lower than you think) and in the inner corners of your eye, before tapping in with a blending sponge or your ring finger. Without a sleep fairy on speed-dial, this is the next best thing.’

This creamy, blendable formula has long been a beauty editor favourite for masking tired eyes and brightening pallid complexions.


  • Long lasting
  • Doesn't drag
  • Brightening effect
  • Can be reapplied throughout the day


  • Colour matching is recommended

The Best Products For A Fresh Face

The Instant Pick-Me-Up

Victoria Beckham reaches for these eye patches when she needs to 'revitalise tired eyes after a long day.'  The celebrity favourite are soaked in super hydrators hyaluronic acid and niacinamide eye to help moisturise and plump up skin. There's even a dose of peptides and retinol thrown in to help target wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. If they're good enough for VB...


  • Drenched in skincare ingredients
  • Insta-worthy


  • High price point

The De-Puffing Tool


Skin Gym Cryo-Ice Massage Sticks

A-listers may claim to plunge their faces into ice-filled bowls of water to fight fatigue but these cooling hand-held sticks are (in our opinion) just as good at reducing puffiness, and less messy. Reach for these when eyes and faces are showing the tell-tale effects of a bad night's sleep, 5 minutes massaging over the contours of your face is all you need. Keep in the fridge for maximum effect.


  • DIY trick
  • cooling
  • easy to use
  • refreshing


  • works best with a serum applied first

The No-Concealer Concealer

Living up to its name, this, erm, genius product does a sterling job of knocking out the blue tones under-eyes to brighten the overall appearance. Plus, it helps to smooth out fine lines. You can even add a concealer over the top if you so wish.


  • Immediately brightening
  • Works on multiple concerns


  • Won't mimic the effect of an actual concealer

Verity Clark is the Acting Health & Beauty Director at Grazia. Previously contributing beauty editor at the Sunday Times Style Verity has almost a decade of experience writing about the beauty industry. She has worked with some of the industry’s most respected titles including Red, Good Housekeeping and Elle, and her aim is to demystify, and democratise, the conversation around beauty.

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