Kim Kardashian’s Hair Stylist Taught Me This High Ponytail Trick And Now I’m Hooked

It's the classic style, but not as you know it.


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There is a quiet revolution taking place in the world of hair. Among the usual crop of go-to styles – think: the bob, sultry waves, andthe slick back bun – a new iteration of the classic ponytail has entered the fold. Quite unlike its younger, well-established sister, the new-gen take on the ponytail is extreme, extra high and anything but subtle. And, it's massively popular. Google searches for 'high ponytail hairstyles' have surged by over 5000%, likewise on TikTok the high ponytail has amassed over 15K posts and counting. There is no shortage of the style on the red carpet, too. Case in point, La La Anthony and Keke Palmer's gravity defying looks at the Met Gala 2024.

In fact, celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons, a pioneer of the redefined snatched style, has marked its rise through a new collaboration with hair extension brand Bellami.Bellami x Andrew Fitzsimons The Ponytail collection, from £160, offers a selection of a ready-to-wear ponytail extensions that boast max length and volume for all hair types and hair hues.

Keke Palmer at the 2024 Met Gala: "Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion" held at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 6, 2024 in New York City. (Photo by Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images)

'There is such a resurgence in ponytails especially dramatic ponytails. It's growing in popularity because "looks" are becoming such a thing, but not everybody wants to wear their hair in something that looks like they've spent a lot of time styling it. We're seeing a lot of sleek top knots and hair that feels effortless, this ponytail style is a version of that – you get your hair out of your face, slickness, and a little bit of a face lift, all while still capturing the silhouette of hair,' says Fitzsimons.

While it may have been seen as a causal hairstyle at one point in time, Fitzsimons notes we are now witnessing the rise of the extreme ponytail everywhere, from the Met Gala to magazine covers and music videos.

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It's certainly making a comeback. Fitzsimons says the last time the ponytail was iconic it was atop of Mel C's head, 'she's an undercover ponytail hero, she always had her hair really high and long with a coloured tip.'

Could we see coloured ponytail extensions from Andrew Fitzsimons soon? Watch this space. For now, perfect the hairstyle of the season with Fitzsimons' high ponytail rules.

How to do the perfect high ponytail:

First, figure out where you want the ponytail to sit. For an extra look, follow your cheekbones upwards to the front of your crown and place your pony there. For those with thick hair, style your pony by working in two sections, working with hair around the mid and lower sections of your head and then moving on to hair at the top. This will help you to achieve a smoother, less bulky finish which lends a more high fashion, glamorous feel. However mapping out the perfect pony placement will always differ from person to person.

Once sectioned into two parts, start working on the texture of your hair. Fitzsimons is big on celebrating natural texture, so if you're wavy, curly, coily, straight or anything in between, style your hair with the right tools to enhance and replicate your natural style. He's also refreshingly big on frizz. 'I am a huge frizz lover, I want there to be an end to the war on frizz. I think it's pretty, I love the way it moves when it's not exactly uniformed. Natural textures are taking a front seat and we are moving away from set looks. I love when waves or curls are brushed out, I love a cloudy voluminous vibe and Kim loves it, too.' By Kim he means Kim Kardashian of course, just one of his many A-list clients.

Once your texture is tended to, take the first section of hair around the mid to lower areas of your head and gather everything towards your mapped out crown. Then smooth strands with a brush and tie up with an bungee elastic band (a double hooked unlooped hair tie). That's the base of your ponytail complete.

Moving onto the second section of hair around the top of your head, this is where the styling comes in to play. If you're after a Kendall Jenner-inspired centre parted look, begin by creating a micro middle part. If you have fine hair you can get away with scrapping both sides of your parted hair back and around your newly formed ponytail. For those with thicker hair, separate two strands of hair on either side of your parting at the fronts of your hair. Scrape back the remaining hair onto your pony and use another bungee elastic band, so that you now have double layered ponytail. To really slick things into place, use hairspray and brush hair into place while maintaining the position of your ponytail.

Finally, take the two tendrils that now frame your face. Working with one at a time, spray your brush with hairspray, brush through your strands and then pull them back towards the base of the ponytail before wrapping the hair around it, taking it under first then over. This technique means you'll also hide your hair band, creating an even more sleeker finish.

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To create that smooth, sleek finish, this is the only hair tie you should look to. Without the need to move your hair from hand to hand, you'll be able to remain tight gripped while tying hair into place.

For max hold without the sticky, hard finish, try this. Its clever, workable formula allows you to work on a range of styles, whether it's big blow-dries or sleek ponytails.

If a long, voluminous, dramatic ponytail is what you're after, Andrew Fitzsimons' collaboration with Bellami has you covered, with two lengths and 24 colours to choose from.

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