Anne Hathaway Just Shared This Surprising Trick For Fuller Lips

'If you've drawn blood, you've gone too far.'

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It's official. Anne Hathaway is a bonafide beauty influencer - if her TikTok account is anything to go by, that is. Despite only joining the social media platform a month ago (hot off the back of her press tour for The Idea Of You) the actress has served up some pretty impressive content to her 441.5k followers and counting. If the 1.1 million likes and 7 million views across her three uploads are to be taken into consideration, then it's fair to say that the Hathaway renaissance shows absolutely no sign of waning. Need proof? Look to her latest video, which has gone viral the world over.

During a shoot for Shiseido’s latest beauty campaign, the Devil Wears Prada star filmed herself being beautified by celebrity hairstylist Adir Abergel. Clad in a monogrammed Versace dressing gown Hathaway said, 'We get on set then I looked in the monitor and I noticed that my upper lip felt a little...wilted. So I asked Adir for a Bobby pin.'

Watch: Anne Hathaway Lip Plumping Trick

Hathaway went on to correct herself, clarifying that the lip plumping tool in question needed to be a hair pin as opposed to the aforementioned bobby pin - 'That matters,' she says. She then demonstrated how she taps the hair pin against her lips in gentle rolling motions, explaining, 'I went in and I sort of stimulated my lip to try to get some blood flow back in there, to try to get some circulation, and everyone looked at me like I had three heads.'

While her technique may look a little out there, it does make perfect sense. It's essentially as simple as good old facial massage, and although you might argue that the hair pin aids precision, Hathaway fans can easily use their finger tips to boost blood flow and plump their own lips at home.

'Safety disclaimer!' the star proclaims, as the video draws to a close. 'You can overdo this, you can push too hard, it’s meant to be a gentle, gentle thing you don't do longer than 30 seconds. If you've drawn blood, you've gone too far.'

Wise words indeed.

Main image credit: Instagram @AnneHathaway

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