The Very Best Setting Sprays To Keep Your Make-Up In Place All Day Long

Plus, Lisa Eldridge's tips and tricks for make-up that stays put. Mist this way...

Best Make-Up Setting Sprays

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Make-up is making its comeback (hurrah!). After what feels like a very long time of skincare stealing the spotlight, make-up is firmly back on the agenda. A new survey from cosmetics brand WUNDER2 revealed that 71% of respondents are applying make-up every day, or at least every couple of days. The reason why? For over a third, the act of applying make-up boosted their mood and self-esteem. If this speaks to you and you’ve fallen back in love with the magic of make-up, we’ve got just the ticket to ensuring your make-up lasts (even while wearing a mask). Enter: make-up setting sprays.

Sure, if you’re opting for a minimalist make-up look it's not always desirable to add an extra product into your make-up routine but hear us out. If you're spending your precious time applying your favourite make-up, an extra spritz or two of a product specifically formulated to make your make-up artistry last is surely worth your while. But before you reach for your setting spray, know that there are a few more things you can do to give your make-up look staying power.

How To Make Your Make-Up Lasts All Day

Lisa Eldridge is pretty much royalty in the make-up world, famed for tending to the faces of A-listers the world over (Jennifer Lopez, Sienna Miller and Victoria Beckham to name just a few) so it's her advice that we're justifiably choosing to listen to when it comes to adjusting your make-up routine for incredible staying power. Watch and learn.

Watch: Lisa Eldridge Talks Through The Perfect Long-Wearing Make-Up Routine

A summary? Sure, here goes...

  1. After you've sorted your skincare (remember not to use a very rich moisturiser that might cause your make-up to slip, kick things off with a broad spectrum SPF, it's essential if you're spending time in the sun). Opt for something oil-free. Browse through some of our favourites right here.
  1. Use a mattifying product either side of your nose, your chin and your forehead in well-blended thin layers. Thin layers of product that are very well-blended make for a longer lasting look.
  1. Foundation? Use a light-textured long-lasting one and apply only where you need. Remember thin layers and blend very well. Less is very much more here. Take a look through some of our favourite long-lasting foundations right here.
  1. It's concealer time. Look for a long-lasting one here too. These formulations tend to be more drying so don't work with heavy layers as it will look cakey.Check out our round-up of the best concealers, tried and tested by the Grazia beauty team.
  1. For eyes opt for a long-lasting cream shadow. Apply it with your fingertips as opposed to a brush. The less eyeshadow you use the better on a hot day so go for something that gives you a touch of colour and a shimmer as opposed to using different shades that you need to blend together. If you're used to a heavier eye look simply use a shadow that has more pigment, meaning that you don't have to build it up for the colour pay-off you want. Use a brush to blend any edges before it sets.
  1. Eyeliner wise there are so many great water-proof eye pencils around. Apply along your lash lines and waterlines if you like, then quickly before it sets, blend it with a cotton bud to soften the look.
  1. Mascara? Go for a waterproof version of your favourite. We round up 10 of the best waterproof mascaras right here.
  1. When it comes to brows steer clear of powders and opt for a waterproof brow pen or gel instead.
  1. As for bronzers and blushers opt for waterproof cream versions but apply lightly with a brush. if you add anything onto your long-lasting foundation base with your fingers it can end up looking too intense.
  1. On to lips! It's time to embrace a lip stain, these have serious staying powder. Paint a thin base layer on. These can be a little drying so once you've blotted your lips with a tissue top with a thin layer of balm.

Sorted Your Make-Up Look? Shop Our Favourite Make-Up Setting Sprays And Mist On Some Serious Staying Powder


Make-up Setting Sprays Grazia 2021

Make-up Setting Sprays1 of 6

Ben Nye Final Seal Spray, £15.95

Make-up Setting Sprays2 of 6

Clarins Fix' Make-Up, £24

Make-up Setting Sprays3 of 6

Kiehl's Cactus Flower Mist, £18.50

Make-up Setting Sprays4 of 6

Morphe Luminous Setting Mist, £16

Make-up Setting Sprays5 of 6

Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Setting Spray

A smoothing setting spray that promises to lock makeup in place for up to 16 hours without creasing, melting or fading.

Make-up Setting Sprays6 of 6

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

Many people count this as their ride or die make-up item. Once you have it you can't be without it.

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