Gemma Owen Uses This Cult Fenty Beauty Buy To Boost Her Tan In The Villa

Take the glazed doughnut trend from your nails to your body

gemma Owen love island fenty beauty body sauce

by Laura Capon |

At this point we're more invested in Gemma Owen's Love Island beauty routine than our own. We've tracked down her iconic brown lipstick, we've invested in her cream contour kit and we even managed to find the £14 mascara she's been wearing.

That doesn't mean we're going to stop there though, because our latest find is the key to her golden glow.

Now admittedly the Islanders do have a tanning advantage seeing as they get to spend numerous weeks holed up in a villa in Mallorca. However, it's important to remember that a tan is a sign of skin damage and as much as we all love a healthy glow, it's vital to get it safely.

So whether you just want to enhance the slight glow you've got from your UK staycation or whether you're a religious fake tanner who wants to take the glazed doughnut trend from their nails to their body, here's Gemma's secret product.

Of course leave it to Rihanna to create a product that makes our body gleam like our cheek bones. Fenty's Beauty's Body Sauce Luminizing Tint leaves a hint of non-transferrable colour and glow to cheat that sun-kissed effect.

It's available in 7 shades because you know RiRi caters for fair and deep skin tones and is the one product your summer beauty arsenal is likely missing.


gemma Owen love island fenty beauty body sauce
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And not to enable you even further but Boots are currently offering a 20% discount on some of their premium beauty items, including Body Sauce.

So if you want to save yourself £8 and continue your Gemma addiction, you know what to do.

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