Gemma Owen’s Entire HD Brow Routine Involves Three Beauty Products And One Costs Just £2.50

And you pick them all up at your local Boots

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With Love Island's eighth season in its final week, you'd have thought we'd gleaned all the beauty tips we could from it, but this year's islanders just keep on giving. Gemma Owen, in particular, has become a bona fide beauty influencer during her time in the villa, and she likely has no idea. Fans of the show have read up on the specific £5 eyeshadow palette she uses before date nights, the cult Fenty beauty buy she applies to boost her glow in the villa, and even the £10 contour kit Gemma makes a grab for in the Love Island dressing room.

More recently, attention has turned to Gemma's eyebrows. The Love Island star is now famed for her full and immaculately groomed brows, and while many viewers assumed Gemma simply booked in for a HD brow treatment every month - the islanders are allowed outside of the villa for beauty treatments, more on that here - insiders have revealed that she relies on three must-have beauty products to define her brows on the daily, and one of them costs just £2.50.

For the Gemma-Owen-level brow depth, the star eschews salon-based brow tints in favour of DIY option, Eylure's Dybrow. For definition, she makes a grab for Huda Kattan's cult classic, Huda Beauty's #BombBrows Microshade Brow Pencil - the super fine nib affords soft strokes of pigment that mimic the effect of micro-blading - and 17.'s Brow + Lash Lamination Gel, which Gemma uses to brush the hairs up and set the final look in place. So, now you know.

Keen to follow suit? Shop Gemma's entire HD brow routine below:

Shop: Gemma Owen's Entire HD Brow Routine From Just £2.50


Gemma Owen HD Brow Products - Grazia 2022

Huda Beauty Bomb Brows Pencil
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A softly pigmented brow pencil with a super-fine nib, Huda Kattan's hero brow buy is a must for those looking to replicate the micro-blading look on-the-go.

Eylure Dybrow Dye Kit in Dark Brown
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No time to bag a salon appointment? Head to your local Boots and lock down a brow tint yourself at home. Gemma Owen has been giving her own brows regular top-ups with this in the villa.

17. Brow + Lash Lamination Clear Mascara
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The final step in Gemma's Love Island HD brow routine? A slick of 17.'s Brow + Lash Lamination Clear Mascara. Brush up brows and tap flat with your fingers afterwards to set in place.

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