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There are few things as satisfying as finding a really, really good beauty dupe. Something that works just as hard as your favourite vitamin C serum, with an equally efficacious ingredients list, but at half the cost. Or a mascara that makes your lashes look just right, but nobody seems to know about.

Aldi and Lidl are home to loads of suspiciously brilliant bargains. Remember when someone discovered the Lacura Caviar Cream, a supposed great dupe for a very expensive, iconic moisturiser? Well, it lived up to the hype, and it can now be hard to find a jar of the Caviar Cream in store.

Perhaps that's because you've never been to Aldi, and have understandably, become distracted by the middle aisle. Wire baskets containing a motley crew of devastatingly cheap and highly covetable items, from pizza ovens to waterproof trousers.

We digress. Don't fear, though, for we've done the shopping for you. Here are all the surprisingly good beauty products you'll find on the shelves of Aldi and Lidl for a fraction of the price of their expensive counterparts, so you can spend 5 more minutes browsing through that weird middle aisle. You're welcome.


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Best Beauty Finds at Aldi and Lidl
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Let's face it, a good LED mask can set you back three figures, but Aldi's dupe for a certain (and very popular) light therapy mask, even has the same red and blue light frequencies to kill bacteria and stimulate cell renewal.

Best Beauty Finds at Aldi and Lidl
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There's nothing better than a beauty treatment that does all of the hard work so you don't have to, and this hydrating overnight mask is infused with aloe barbadensis leaf juice and rosa centifolia flower extract to soothe and soften skin while you sleep.

Best Beauty Finds at Aldi and Lidl
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If your skin is feeling a little lacklustre as of late, a couple of drops of a face oil alone or before moisturiser will really hydrate and nourish skin, especially during the cold, winter months. It's also rose scented for that additional touch of a luxury spa feeling at home ( =without the astronomical price tag).

Best Beauty Finds at Aldi and Lidl
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This gentle dose of glycolic acid removes impurities, brightens the face, and softens skins texture without being a harsh astringent. Suitable for all skin types, use after cleansing to exfoliate, before finishing with a serum or rich cream for ultra soft, nourished skin.

Best Beauty Finds at Aldi and Lidl
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A creamy, cosseting cleanser that cleanses skin without leaving it feeling dry or tight. The creamy texture won't remove make-up as effectively as an oil would, but will still cleanse the skin.

Best Beauty Finds at Aldi and Lidl
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Calling all Urban Decay Naked Palette fans, Lidl are promising 14 highly pigmented and blendable shadows in the same matte, metallic and shimmer shades that you will be well accustomed to. From chocolate brown to a smokey heather, this palette will see you from day to night with a complimentary tone for all eye colours.

Best Beauty Finds at Aldi and Lidl
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One capful under a hot running tap creates serious some serious bubbles. Very sensitive skin should avoid (it contains SLS and fragrance), but those with normal skin can enjoy bubbles in abundance and a pleasant soapy scent.

Best Beauty Finds at Aldi and Lidl
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Face rollers shouldn't cost the earth. Put this in the fridge to really harness the cooling ceramic texture; the cold will help to depuff and make cheekbones look more accentuated.

Best Beauty Finds at Aldi and Lidl
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Hair become greasy after one wash? This one is for you. Three types of clay make light work of ridding excess oil, and leaving hair satisfyingly clean.

Best Beauty Finds at Aldi and Lidl
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The very cream that put Aldi skincare on the map. The texture is thick, and leaves skin feeling soft to the touch. It gives ample hydration that quenches any skin thirst.

Best Beauty Finds at Aldi and Lidl
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This is the most surprisingly brilliant out of the bunch, because vitamin C serums are notoriously hard to nail. This one has a good amount of vitamin C in the formula, so will brighten and even the skin. It absorbs well, and doesn't leave a sticky residue.

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