Love Island’s Jess Says You Should Use A T-Shirt To Dry Your Hair – Here’s Why

Curly girls, listen up.


by Renee Washington |
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Eleven episodes in, two dumpings, and a whole lot of London slang - series ten of Love Island is the gift that keeps on giving. It comes as no surprise, then, that the dressing room gossip isn't one to be missed. One particular thing the girls aren't shy about sharing? Their beauty secrets.


If we rewind back a few seasons, the beauty room has birthed new hacks we never knew existed. Who knew that blowdrying false lashes was a thing? Or lip clevage? And it's fair to say that Love Island has also proven to be a treasure trove in sparking viral beauty products, too. Samie's favourite £19 perfume or Gemma's £2.50 brow product anyone?

The latest addition in a long list of hacks, was the little gem shared in a conversation between Jess and Whitney. In case you missed it, Jess said ‘Apparently if you dry your hair with a t-shirt the curls holds better.' Whitney's response? 'Girl, we've got different hair problems,' which we guess is a nod to her wig business - and her own cascading mermaid hair.

If you're a curly or coily girl, you'll already be familiar with t-shirt drying - it's long been a golden rule in the curly girlmethod. Why a t-shirt you ask? For one, keeps curls defined after washing. This is because a t-shirt's soft fibres gently soak up excess moisture without creating too many flyaways - making it the perfect tool for plopping curls. As a bonus, using a t-shirt instead of a towel also minimises breakage, as towelling material is often too rough on coily or curly strands.

If it's good enough for the villa girls? It's good enough for us.

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